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  1. I am not quite sure what you mean with it. Gatehub is clearly at fault, no matter the reason (inside job, hacking, database leak) and they are trying not to pay, hoping that customers will forget or won’t bother. If they wanted to pay they would have done it already. If they had plans to pay, they would have at least kept everyone aware of what really happened (while they released basically... nothing). So... I really don’t see the logic in your point. Sorry about that.
  2. They are losing them due to the way the managed the hack: communication, refund, etc. so it’s very well deserved
  3. So, this post is cooling down. Exactly like @gatehub was hoping. I think we should seriously start to prepare a class action against them. I am still on holidays but I will be back next week and ready to start working on it . This story cannot end with two winners (hackers and gatehub) and all of us losing money.
  4. Total ******** (please excuse my bad words). People here lost their life savings and this behavior is totally unacceptable and absolutely disgusting when compared to how other exchanges reacted to similar issues. Thumbs down for Gatehub. Let’s gather and prepare this class action.
  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomassilkjaer/2019/07/04/june-the-month-of-xrp-exchange-hacks/#3f08a0a179b6
  6. This statement form @gatehub doesn’t sound good at all! “Once these legal procedures are completed we will know the exact amount of funds that our customers will be able to retrieve. Until then we kindly ask our customers to remain patient and report thefts to their local law enforcement agencies in case they haven’t done so already” most of the funds are already cashed out. If they manage to get them back, they will give us us something. If not, our XRP are lost forever due to their negligence in holding our keys safe.
  7. @gatehub, your customers have lost thousands of Dollars. I assume they deserve better than your silence
  8. @gatehub? We lost thousand of dollars for your Incapacity of handling our keys. Can we please at least know if we will Ever see them back?
  9. This thread should not die. Soon 3 weeks and still no outcome of the investigation? I guess we can exclude the fact that the users are the ones to blame. Right?
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