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  1. Thank you for your contribution even If you're one of the helped getting access to GH, any estimation when we'll receive update on this case and do you think the update will be from LE or GH?
  2. I applied my case to Hayes Conner, no news yet from them. do you know when they'll file their suit ?
  3. I respect your confession however, I understand the pressure coming from the conspirators and psychological damage you're facing from the theft It self however showing proof to the community or at least a proof from Gatehub that they received the names of the conspirators and they're working with LEA's to solve the case. would add credibility to your claims Thank you
  4. Is there any lawyer here to check the documents of Hayes Connor, I'm not familiar with the online documents and agreements since I don't find their signature anywhere. Also anyone used them before?
  5. We need a law firm experienced or at least worked before In similar cases otherwise It will take forever, However @gatehub Should at least give us an answer If they'll compensate or not. without being shady as they're acting right now.
  6. All the ripple hacks this month raises a lot of questions, I'm wondering If ripple mainnet has a flow.
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