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  1. Yeah, instead of making complains here hoping gatehub will take heed. It's a waste of time. Pay 25% knowing someone will take care of your case and see it through more than worth it. Also if you get back 75% and if XRP moons again you still win big. 10x of 75% is better than 10x of 0%
  2. are you nuts? from their statement it's obvious they are not paying else they would have written something like 'we will try out best to recover and if all else fail will pay from our reserve' etc. if i lose 5000 xrp they can take forever to resolve. those who lost 10s of thousands to millions xrp you think they not anxious for their money and the opportunity cost? put yourself in their shoes.
  3. the last announcement the decision is more or less final, no compensation and the recovery maybe at most get back 5%? The question is how were the access tokens get exposed they're not telling and victims deserved to know.
  4. Gatehub system is not secure. with strong password + 2fa the hacker just gained the keys from access tokens which gatehub does not explain how. Just get away from them.
  5. Maybe they reached out to those exchanges that hackers cashed out too which will be in different cryptos. No mention of how long it will take. Months years?
  6. the previous round wasn't much publicized like this one. for the past 2 years we heard hacks happening at gatehub but not many people pay attention mainly people are very sure it was the user who did not turn on 2fa etc. now we know gatehub security has issue in a big way. it's interesting to see what they going to do this time about it.
  7. Yeah man my password consists of 12 characters alpha and numerical also caps small letters. Will take centuries to decrypt. That's only my account. Hackers can break 500 plus accounts in days? How much computing power they have.
  8. It's coming to two months yet to get the official final announcement. This is gatehub true colors guys.
  9. yes but how does 500+ accounts get decrypted in such a short period of time? including accounts with small balance which if i were the hacker i will not be bothered due to the time and effort needed.
  10. my take is someone got hold of the code to decrypt the hashed password then in turn decrypt the secret keys. how can the hacker gain access to: · Email · Hashed password · Hashed recovery key · Encrypted XRP ledger wallets secret keys (non-deleted wallets only) by means of access tokens even if users are not logged in.
  11. Latest hack: https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Bitcoin-evolution/Hackers-snatch-32m-from-Japan-cryptocurrency-exchange-Bitpoint Swift and transparent, users compensated. Lousy gatehub.
  12. I think @Silkjaer articles already super bad publicity. Just that we still waiting for them to come out with something.
  13. what do you expect them to say? that their security was breached and won't compensate the victims? they already showed their true colors and their unique selling point of safekeeping your ripple wallet is no longer safe. so what kind of value can they provide to their customers now. none. either way they have to make some official announcement, else the hack blog https://gatehub.net/blog/gatehub-update-investigation-continues/ will be there forever with no closure.
  14. We still don't know how the hack happened. Does it make any difference? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bailment Duty of care?
  15. Considering these guys are backed by Chris Larsen it's really a joke how they responded to this hack.
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