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  1. It has been over 6 months and this hasn't been resolved yet? Jesus! We all know it's game over for GB. Why can't Ripple step in and help alleviate the pain already. This is so messed up.
  2. Are there no famous youtubers in the crypto space that we can reach out to bring light to the current issue? This is pretty mess up. It’s not just GateHub negligence but also Ripple too with the wallet migration. If Ripple doesn’t want to step in and take responsibility then everyone in the crypto space needs to know what this company is all about. I don’t think any company want to risk bad PR. We need to compile a list of prominent social media figures and reach out to them. We can all pool and donate for their time speaking on the issues. If there whales here who are willing to help with some contributions then that would be awesome. We need to watch each other backs in this community. Otherwise, it’s always the common fools who get screwed.
  3. If I ever get my fund back, I would definitely donate to the XRPforensics team. They took the roles that GateHub should've in terms of communication, investigation, and speed. They definitely add value to the space, and I think they will play a vital role the future if we were to move forward. Thank you guys for using up your free time trying to retrieve our funds.
  4. I'm actually surprised on how irresponsible Ripple has been on all this. They are one of the reasons why we are in this mess with the wallets migration. You would think they would've stepped in by now since 22 million XRPs are nothing to them. They are giving away millions to random organizations yet can't even lift a finger to help the community that supported them in the first place.
  5. @EcneitapLatnem We are almost 50 pages in deep. What more can we do beside wait for official announcements from GateHub or Ripple?
  6. Toastwallet.com is legit right? I'm terrified of screwing him over since he already got screwed.
  7. Asking for a friend - Would creating a new ripple wallet on Gatehub, transfer remaining fund there, and then removing the wallet from the site safe? He's following the GB email suggestion but want to be sure that's the correct way of doing it. Thanks.
  8. The people who received the email from GateHub are the ones who already got hacked. Honestly, GateHub should just email everyone at this point. No reason to make more suffer.
  9. There is a thread regarding the hack on the Ripple subreddit. I think we should input our opinions and concerns over there too. I feel like Gatehub will try to sweep this under the rugs unless there are some public outcry. Also, @Selective brought up a good point - We will eventually need to ban together for a class A lawsuit if not compensated by them. Can anyone verify if the loss is over 5 million dollars?
  10. @EcneitapLatnem not everyone are from US or Europe though. In some countries, you get a fine for wasting their time with the lost "internet money". I know I wouldn't if I was still in my home country since the polices are the criminals. But I get your point though... I think maybe a lot of people are still in the state of shocked and confusion.
  11. I never had to make a report to law enforcement before. How would one approach this? Do we just walk into the police station and tell them we got our crypto stolen? I would imagine the confusion and the police not taking us seriously.
  12. If Chris Larsen somehow could intervene and help out, it would be godsend. Some of us are really early supporters/adopters. I still remember those days where we joined up with Ripple on the World Community Grid event - donating our computing power to help scientific researches and getting XRP in return. Although my comp was crap during that time, it still felt special since I got to be part of something amazing.. God, I'm getting nostalgic feeling remembering it all now. I know going off tangent, and I do apology. I just want to say a lot of those accounts are very old and belong to us old grunts. The people who believed in Ripple's vision and dream since the beginning. The people who stood strong and hold even when the majority of the crypto communities were against it. It's such a devastating feeling... I don't even know how to put it into words. To hold onto something safely for so many many many years, just to lose everything in a blink of an eye.
  13. Sorry to hear that kanaas. Is there anyway we can get reimbursed if Gatehub is found to be at fault? I lost almost 100k and am just devastated. I believe in the tech and held it for over 6 years just to have it stolen by a exchange that was recommended by Ripple. I could've sold some during the time it peaked now I'm mad at myself for not doing it. That's all I have... my wife is going to kill me.
  14. Cjeremy, I'm on the same boat as you. My sister and I got all my funds stolen on the same date to the same address. I have my 2FA on and only Gatehub have my secret key. I bookmarked Gatehub site so I know I didn't get phished. I honestly don't what to do. Anyone one has any advice?
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