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  1. One thing I mentioned on my tweet is the fact that @enej has the audacity to comment on the article yet he couldn't even release a proper statement to the affected customer base. Now he wants us to wait patiently? until this is buried lol.
  2. This statement really doesn't sound so promising. I knew it from Day 1 they released the preliminary that they won't do anything to reimburse the all the funds that we lost since they don't have the financial capability like other exchanges. Nonetheless, they are still liable and responsible in terms of protecting our funds since it's their "API security" that got breached and not our online accounts. As suggested here many times we should really band up and delegate a lawyer since we are talking $10M cumulative stolen. It is also not clear if our KYC documents are safe.
  3. Has anyone receive any further email from @gatehub? We are definitely left in the dark now with this security issue of theirs This sucks even BitTrue assured their customers that they will get their funds back.
  4. @enej hi mr CEO any update on this as your company @gatehub is literally dodging everything you need to do as a company for the affected victims. June 6 was your last statement (preliminary) and after few weeks still no further statements. Definitely avoid this company at all cost as this is the treatment you will get from them in situations that they are at fault.
  5. Thanks for this @Silkjaer! Can’t believe as well that Changelly is top one since that’s were my stolen XRP went and now cashed out. @gatehub Silkjaer is pretty much doing your work lol. Yet you guys can’t even release a proper statement. Don’t tell me your still investigating at this point of time been nearly 3 weeks now!!!
  6. Three weeks down the line still no update from @gatehub for the victims. To me it looks like stalling giving statement for the victims etc. since they have power to do so. Not everyone that was affected have reported this issue with LEA hence the traction or progress will take ages and I doubt authorities will help as crypto is still unregulated.
  7. Its because they didn’t logged in to your account on Gatehub UI. They use the back door so it doesn’t trigger any notifcations.
  8. This is madness two weeks down the strech and your still investigating without statement for the victims. Absolute Joke!
  9. That is one thing that @gatehub has been avoiding this past few weeks. No further statement to the victims for any reimburse/compensation apart from we are still “investigating”. I’m not really verse with laws etc. but surely we deserve some further statement for people that genuinely got their XRP stolen cause of their security breach.
  10. Is that supposed to be sent to all victims if so then I haven’t received any new email from @gatehub.
  11. Nearly two weeks now and still no sign of funds being compensated back. @gatehub what is going on??
  12. You do realise that your playing with the livelihood of every victim of this security breach? I myself was looking to use my funds for tuition fee of my brother. The fact that your company hasn’t made any pledge to compensate the victims is what infuriates me and other victims.
  13. Gatehub released a statement on their website but my god this is exactly the same sentences that was dropped here on XRPChat.. https://gatehub.net/blog/gatehub-preliminary-statement/ Copy and Paste by Enej!? Wth. @gatehub You guys need to release a proper statement not something that was already said the day before lol.
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