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  1. Will there be a recession (in 2021), who knows? It's not just one chart that tells a story. Before things are felt, a LONG period of times needs to pass and those that yelled recession (since 2010 by the way :)) will eventually get it right. Until then, it's anybody's guess really. Did crypto exist in the (traditional market) downtrend ? No, so it's difficult to predict what will happen but I'm guessing it won't be all fun and games. In fact, it's going to be very bad if you ask me. Before we predict the future, let's look where we're at right now https://coinmarketcap.com/charts/ . The total market cap of all crypto assets is about 273 B $ at the time of writing. Taking total financial markets into account, 273 B is nothing but a drop, a small ripple, a swell in the ocean. We had the financial crisis in 2008 and we can all agree that Bitcoin was born out of it, fueling a 10-year BTC bull run (2018 didn't change a thing). Then years later, the alts came (XRP/ETH/XLM) during the years when the traditional markets were very healthy and booming. Thanks to BTC (yes let's give the credit when the credit is due) reaching the ATH, folks were confident to insert money into the alts fueling the "alt season(s) cycle(s)". However, when things are booming (in the traditional markets) it's easier to invest "excess" profits into more riskier markets. And what's more riskier than crypto? Now imagine the opposite, a recession. With negative interest rates (holy **** how's that even possible :-)) who knows what will happen or when the FIAT&banks will collapse. Imagine that happening and imagine Ripple's strategy? Who's working with the banks? Do you think it will be pretty? Everything is measured in FIAT. Crypto, traditional markets, etc.. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Thinking that people will start converting their FIAT that they still have into crypto is just a wishful thinking. There's no precedent that can support this (10 years of crypto was during the "healthy" years of traditional markets). Imagine you lose your job and cannot pay for your car/mortgage/food. Do you go all in into crypto? Maybe not, right? At the time of writing (and my guess is it will be the same in 2021), the crypto is just not big enough let alone mature enough to be considered a safe haven. In fact, if one big giant recession (I won't call it a depression :-)) arrives it might wipe it all off like it never happen. But curious as I am, I too want to see what will happen with crypto markets in times of a HUGE downtrend in the tradional markets. Maybe one BTC will be 1 M by then and 1 XRP will be 1 k $. Who knows...?
  2. And finally, new bright and shiny ideas from the "community" (= random people on the net who prolly don't even own XRP but start petitions anyway) like burning tokens should only be considered after 10 beers and 5 bottles of vodka. When spoken, ignore them and order more booze!
  3. 1) I thought that there's a difference between a "giveaway" and "BUIDLing the IoV". Guess not, if I read your comment. To put things into perspective. Xpring kicked-off just over 1 year ago, XRapid kicked-off just under 1 year ago. Current XRP price doesn't matter. Things will change for better. It will happen faster than you think. Please read these 2 articles and I do mean read it instead of just superficially glance at the headlines. It says what's been done ($500M so far over 20+ companies and what the goal is + info on how the 1B XRP deal with Coil will be implemented gradually) https://medium.com/xpring/partnering-with-coil-1154a156cb07 https://medium.com/xpring/building-the-internet-of-value-one-year-later-b969f37dcb88 TL;DR Xpring has made a major commitment in realizing blockchain’s potential to transform industries through new business models. Growing rapidly to continue to partner with and invest in great teams in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Xpring will continue to focus on three key areas: XRP Ledger — Providing tools to developers that are building on the core ledger, including exchanges, wallets, custody providers and payment processors. Interoperability — We believe a tech stack for crypto that is broadly interoperable across chains and layers will deliver the best experience for both developers and end users. We support the Interledger Protocol as a standard for transacting across systems, and are interested in other infrastructures that allow for cross-chain interaction. Decentralized Finance — Investing in new decentralized financial projects with crypto as their primary building block including debt, derivatives, stablecoins and other synthetic assets. Simply put, we want to work with developers and entrepreneurs who are building towards a shared vision to reshape the world’s financial systems and enable the Internet of Value. We started with a team of two... We’re aggressively growing a full stack team including engineering, product, marketing and developer relations to back projects that solve customer problems in a transformative way. Xpring has made a major commitment in realizing blockchain’s potential to transform industries through new business models. 2) Speak for yourself, I'm none of those "XRP HODLers". Be careful not to confuse fiction from some random guy on the net. The "crytpo news" websites that qutoe random people from twitter-sphere should be ignored. But hey if you believe that then believe for sure that five ate nine. 3) So what and in the end team XRP wins because based on SEC's rules it cannot be a security. Also, the world is so much bigger than US. Just saying.
  4. Sure let's focus on the 2019 alone because focusing on small period of time just makes perfect sense. Or maybe let's check the status of all crypto market and look at the current price vs. their ATH. Hmmmmmmm, I see something funny here https://www.cryptocompare.com/ . There's a trend that I choose to ignore because my XRP is not where it needs to be. Bloody Ripple's XRP, worst coin ever especially in 2017 when it when up just so much (but still little to me)! BNB is the best coin ever, real use cases, comes from the exchange that is never been hacked and even Ripple folks go to work for it.
  5. Let's take a look at this https://blog.bitmex.com/the-ripple-story/ and the final agreement with Jed. By the way did you know that the smallest, indivisible unit of XRP (=drop) had an alternative term (= "jed", after Jed McCaleb) at first, see https://forum.ripple.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=40&p=228) http://archive.is/ZmXph The following are the key points of the new agreement (February 2016): Ripple will release any claim it has on the funds currently deposited with the federal District Court for the Northern District of California and Stellar will take possession of these funds. Jed will donate 2 billion XRP to a charitable donor-advised fund ("DAF") of his choice. The same limits are placed on the ability of the charity to sell the XRP as are placed on the Jed's ability to sell his remaining XRP. All of Jed and his children's remaining XRP, approximately 5.3 billion XRP, will be placed in a custody account at Ripple. While Jed retains full title and ownership of his remaining XRP, Ripple will control the release of his XRP in a manner consistent with the settlement agreement. Specifically, Jed will be allowed to sell his remaining XRP in the following manner: - for the first year of the agreement Jed and the DAF will be able to collectively sell 0.5 percent of the Average Daily Volume of XRP for each day of the week, including weekends and holidays.* - for the second and third years of this agreement, Jed and the DAF will be able to collectively sell for each day of the week 0.75 percent of the Average Daily Volume. - for the fourth year of the agreement, Jed and the DAF will be able to collectively sell for each day of the week 1.0 percent of the Average Daily Volume. for any time after the fourth year of the agreement, for each day of the week Jed and the DAF will be able to sell 1.5 percent of the Average Daily Volume. We at Ripple are pleased with the outcome of this agreement. It provides predictability and clarity about distribution of the largest individual holding of XRP in a way that fosters good health and growth in the Ripple ecosystem. *Under the settlement agreement, Average Daily Trading Volume is calculated by dividing the Weekly XRP Trade Volume for the week that commenced two weeks prior to the week at issue by seven (7). !!!!!!!!!!!!! Weekly XRP Trade Volume is defined as the total amount of XRP traded on the Ripple consensus ledger during a given week between Sunday midnight Pacific Time through the following Sunday midnight Pacific Time. Significantly, this definition excludes XRP traded on third party exchanges, unless in Ripple's reasonable judgment, the XRP market has changed so that the majority of legitimate XRP transactions have occurred off the Ripple consensus ledger during the prior 365 days.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the key here is "XRP traded on the Ripple consensus ledger".Off we go to https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/xrp-markets look for XRP Ledger, and select in the top left corner XRP or USD and select 7 days. It says 6 M XRP, so let's say that the daily volume is then 1M XRP (6/7 + me ceiling it). 1% of 1 M XRP = 10000 XRP. which is about 2.6 k $. Yes, Jed is killing us!!! Stop Jed stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jed you Drop! Regarding your second bullet, it's called BUIDLing the internet of Value and growing the XRP ecosystem. But hey, I must be wrong.
  6. USER FRIENDLINESS is the key, most people should not even know that what they use is happening on a blockchain. Period. Most people will never ever do these steps today (see below). Maybe ten years from some of them will but today, no way. Register on a crypto-exchange Fill out KYC/AML forms + sending a copy of the ID Wait for confirmation (depends on how fast the exchange is) Make a wire transfer to the exchange (wait days because SWIFT hates you) Exchange FIAT for the crypto you want (BTC right? I mean XRP, XRP dammit!!!! :-)) Get a wallet for Ripple, oh cancel that, XRP, wait Ripple is not XRP, oh snap what's an XRP? I thought I bought Ripple, now I have XRP, there I just blew my mind. Eat toast then use wallet (pun intended) Generate credentials (private&public keys) to get the XRP ledger address, via the wallet you're using. Think that your money is actually in your wallet and then wake up sweating when you figure out it's not. ****, what is crypto, why I'm here..?. Check coinmarketcap daily, about 100x, then celebrate like it's 1 January 2018 or fall into depression like it's August 2019. Start sending money to an other rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx address or worse start sending money by doing tutorials on xrpl.org without any programming experience Check 10 times before you send money to another address especially if > 10000 XRP, panic....Did it went ok, if not, ledger closed in 3 sec, money gone if yes, dance, if not aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, crypto sucks and file a suit against XRP or Ripple but Ripple is XRP or what just happened. Now imagine people who actually own XRP and go to xrpl.org to try out something new. 99.9% wants do it and try it out but is afraid. 0.1% will do it and 10% of those are the devs. Crypto, folks, is still in its crawling phase. Everyone in here is a pioneer. Yes, even after 10 (BTC) years or so. Now imagine you're a bank and you go have to go from what you have to crypto or integrate crypto into what you have. Yes, a learning curve. Steep one, fa shizzle, but doable if you tap into their greed and explain them that they can kill their competition using xRapid and XRP. Now forget what I said and start doing things that Hodor wrote on his blog ;-)))))))).
  7. If you want to learn more I'd advise you to go to https://xrpl.org/set-up-secure-signing.html (this should be your starting point) and more specifically to https://xrpl.org/set-up-secure-signing.html#use-a-client-library-with-local-signing because I would imagine this is what you'll be using as a beginner. After you've read that follow the steps in https://xrpl.org/get-started-with-rippleapi-for-javascript.html. Please don't just go directly to https://xrpl.org/websocket-api-tool.html (MAIN NET) and start copying and pasting your private key(s) into every API method that requires them like a mad person :-).
  8. Don't forget the cool tool (by Wietse) for multi-sign :
  9. Agreed, that's why this whole saga needs to come to an end. Sooner (via "simple" SEC statement that the court might decide to follow) rather than later (federal court decision).
  10. The rat is the entire crypto market and the cat represents Trump/libra/congress/establishment instinct. Kill it , until you figure out that you really can't do it. Paper tiger.
  11. Forget about the websites that give ELI5 info. You should read a full doc https://www.fca.org.uk/publication/consultation/cp19-03.pdf and Read the section 3 (specifically 3.31 about "exchange tokens", section 3.43 about "security tokens" and 3.51 about "utility tokens"). Clearly based on the case studies (6 in total given) XRP can never be a security. US/SEC should read this doc, issue a statement that XRP is not a security so that we can move along. This brings clarity and clarity is something that institutional investors like.
  12. Of course not, remember that only the good news about XRP brings the price down. FUD, panic, fake news, etc. brings XRP to its ATH. Crypto, infancy still... ;-))))))))))))
  13. What's better? The court to decide (somewhere in the year 2028, if we're lucky) or SEC (2019 to 2020-ish) to decide whether or not XRP is a security? If SEC says right now it's not a security, will the federal court follow and dismiss the case? Does it ever follow SEC's recommendation (if not, when and what case was it?) Does anyone outside the US really cares about this US court case and (US) SEC's (in)decision? If yes, what kind of impact would it have (XRP-price, Ripple (the company), XRP Ledger, Cobalt release :-)))))) if XRP was declared a security in the good old USA ?
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