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  1. Some links... E-book: https://assets.coingecko.com/books/how-to-defi/How+to+DeFi.pdf Very good podcast... https://www.coindesk.com/how-makerdaos-stablecoin-survived-the-crash-smart-contract-bugs-and-full-decentralization
  2. @JoelKatz Looking back at recent events (DeFi services (on Ethereum network) and pricing oracles) is there anything that worries you about this proposal now? Based on what you know today would you still keep the original wording of this proposal? Did "team Ripple" start to implement this proposal or a variant of it? If yes, is there anything more that you can share with us at the present time? If no, any other words of wisdom regarding this proposal?
  3. Here's a quick twitter search "@username server" or "@username validator" to see what folks use and "@username month" to see how much it costs per month: https://twitter.com/WietseWind/status/1165959480082915328 (full history) https://twitter.com/haydentiff/status/1226609617997910023 and https://twitter.com/haydentiff/status/1157746813191016449 and https://twitter.com/haydentiff/status/1229060126377730049 https://twitter.com/search?q=%40alloynetworks%20server&src=typed_query https://twitter.com/search?q=%40MsRabbitKick%20validator&src=typed_query and https://twitter.com/MsRabbitKick/status/1220149137561333761 https://twitter.com/search?q=%40alloynetworks%20server&src=typed_query Etc. etc., it seems that some were paying at least 200$/month...
  4. Hey what did you expect (Uma Thurman quote)? It's twitter or rather it's crypto-twitter where you must defend your beliefs till the very end by all means necessary. Anyway, to come back to your "great debate", it depends on what you have in your UNL. Remember Ripple/Coil publish the recommended UNL= rUNL that you don't need to follow. I think that Tiffany complained about the non-existent validators by Ripple's (ODL) partners Moneygram&co and also about the validators that make it to the rUNL list with a performance that is worse than the performance of other validators. Not to mention that some are running "production-grade" validators (thousands of USD spent on HW) vs. what you call average Joe and for example their digital ocean servers (chosen deliberately, see Wietse's blog post (20/40$ per month -> https://xrpcommunity.blog/how-to-run-a-ripple-validator-digitalocean/) For great explanation about UNL and validators go and see xrpchat comments by Bob Way and Sukrim. www.xrpchat.com/topic/32657-bob-i-could-use-some-help-clarifying-these-claims/?tab=comments#comment-758922 www.xrpchat.com/topic/32851-unl-and-divergence/ Tiff's got a point when she says that if everyone is using the same rUNL, and you get about 20% of the validators down then shit might hit the ceiling and we'll have a Stellar day (medium.com/stellar-developers-blog/may-15th-network-halt-a7b933103984) And finally a nice post from the Xpring team https://blog.xpring.io/running-an-xrp-ledger-validator/ Being a Good Validator: The characteristics of a good validator include high availability, agreement with the network, timeliness, and identification. In order to achieve these properties, it is important to adhere to the recommended system specifications for production servers and properly configure the validator. Beyond the administrative elements of running a validator, it is important for validator operators to be involved in the XRP community by announcing potential downtime or maintenance work ahead of time. Validators that appear on a UNL have the opportunity to vote on amendments and fees, thereby having a voice in the evolution of the network. Therefore, it is imperative that validator operators stay abreast of the latest updates coming to the XRP Ledger. No Incentive: A Design Decision: Unlike other decentralized ledgers, the XRP Ledger does not provide a direct economic incentive for contributing to the consensus process by running a validator. Other blockchains offer direct incentives such as rewards from mining and staking or trading advantages. Instead, the lack of direct incentives for XRP Ledger validators attracts natural stakeholders.
  5. https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.cand.334410/gov.uscourts.cand.334410.85.0.pdf
  6. I bet you that 99% of the XRP HODLers don't know what it is :-)!
  7. See my take on it below.
  8. Beautiful overview! If I may play the devil's advocate, the question was "what is XRP"? I have the impression that it wasn't answered fully so let me give it a shot. In short, XRP is the native cryptocurrency of the XRP Ledger that enables sending of any value over the XRP Ledger. Longer version: XRP is a deflationary digital currency/asset (as it has a fixed supply) that trades on a permissionless and world-wide distributed ledger or public blockchain where the ownership of value is recorded. XRP Ledger, among other things, is the only authoritative source and record of XRP. XRP is used for transfer of any value over the XRP Ledger. An asset is something of value that someone's owns. An asset can be represented as an IOU. Any user of the network needs to hold (a small amount of) XRP because every (valid) transaction (simple payment, decentralized exchange transaction, etc.), submitted to the validators/computers that form the XRP Ledger, destroys a small amount of XRP ( a protection against spamming the XRP Ledger). XRP, if cheaper option, could act as bridge currency for multi-currency exchanges (EURO-XRP, XRP-USD) and is the ONLY currency that can be used for advanced XRP Ledger features like escrows and payment channels. XRP value (don't confuse it with price) is derived from the level of adoption of its network ecosystem. The network effect is what will eventually drive utility to XRP. The XRP Ledger must be used by many people for XRP to have any value and sustainability in the long run.
  9. https://xrpl.org/cryptographic-keys.html#cryptographic-keys https://xrpl.org/cryptographic-keys.html#signing-algorithms Since Ed25519 public keys are one byte shorter than secp256k1 keys, rippled prefixes Ed25519 public keys with the byte 0xED so both types of public key are 33 bytes. The supported types of key pairs can be used interchangeably throughout the XRP Ledger as master key pairs, regular key pairs, and members of signer lists. The process of deriving an address is the same for secp256k1 and Ed25519 key pairs. https://xrpl.org/cryptographic-keys.html#key-derivation More info : https://docs.huihoo.com/globus/gt4-tutorial/ch09s03.html https://xrpcommunity.blog/keys-are-key-secret-keys-signing-transactions/ https://hackernoon.com/what-is-the-math-behind-elliptic-curve-cryptography-f61b25253da3 https://medium.com/@stellarguard/stellar-whats-in-your-wallet-1b07b8f7123a (it's +- the same for XRP Ledger... how validators check each transaction and check whether the source account matches the signature that is sent with a transaction...)
  10. Just to come back to your title, skyrocketing of ETH/XRP/BTC or any other coin and shitcoin was due to pure speculation and FOMO. Regarding "building assets on top of XRP" (Xrp Ledger I assume?). That was always possible, see XRPL DEX and IOUs/gateways -> "One of the original use cases for the XRP Ledger (since 2012) was using the built-in decentralized exchange to exchange between stablecoins and to exchange stablecoins for XRP. Currently, only stablecoins that have a backer/issuer are supported." What' new right now is this: "...adding a collateralized stablecoin feature to the XRP Ledger. The key distinguishing property of this proposal is that the stablecoin is always redeemable for XRP on the ledger from the collateral pool. So, for example, if you hold one unit of a USD stablecoin, you can make on-ledger payments at any time just as if you held $1 worth of XRP." See coil.com/p/xpring/Ideas-for-the-Future-of-XRP-Ledger/-OZP0FlZQ and www.xrpchat.com/topic/33079-suggestion-xrp-collateralized-stablecoins/
  11. Fun fact: I tried to be an intern at Ripple back in the day (mid 2013), but US visa complications having to do with the fact that the company had only existed for 9 months and the minimum was 1 year stopped me. — Vitalik Non-giver of Ether (@VitalikButerin) April 19, 2019 The tweet is gone but Dave's teasing tweet reply to Vitalik is still there. ->
  12. I wrote this at the time of Libra news: 450 companies, checks out...
  13. If something happens to Brad I want Breanne Madigan to take over! Previous short Ripple drops were total crap, the last ones are pure gold. Tons of insights and decent conversations.
  14. Screw Valentine's day, it's XRP-is-up day every day in 2020 :-)!
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