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  1. Here are the new EURO pairs: BTC/EUR ETH/EUR BNB/EUR XRP/EUR EUR/BUSD EUR/USDT https://xrprightnow.com/binance-adds-6-new-trading-pairs-including-xrp-to-euro/
  2. Binance will now support the following RUB pairs: RUB TO XRP RUB TO ETH RUB TO BTC RUB TO BNB The Ruble support will add trading for the Russian Ruble (RUB) in the USDⓈ trading markets effective as of 2019/12/02 1:00 PM (UTC) https://xrprightnow.com/binance-adds-support-for-russian-ruble-to-xrp/
  3. These 4 new features/services will all pass through RippleNet and utilize the MoneyTap app. 1. Prepaid charging services 2. Salary prepayment service 3. The small amount of money transfer service 4. International money transfer service Benefits of network applications ✓Ability to purchase and pay in real-time ✓Diversifying the pay cycle ✓Building our proprietary payment apps ✓Coordinate with the authorities at low cost ✓Digitizing money collection services ✓Cash management between stores https://xrprightnow.com/sbi-moneytap-expanded-features-set-to-go-live-in-2020/
  4. XRP to MXN Liquidity Index Hits A New All Time High over 4million. Moneygram is only sending 10% off all transfer into Mexico utilizing XRP. Cant wait for more corridors to be opened and for the Mexican volume to increase. Hopefully SWELL we get some great news https://xrprightnow.com/xrp-to-mxn-liquidity-index-hits-a-new-all-time-high/
  5. Bank Of America Set To Roll Out Real Time Payments this year and in the start of 2020. We already know BOA filed a patent for a Settlement System Naming Ripple BOA also stated that the RTP will settle instantly Sounds a lot like BOA runs on Ripple https://xrprightnow.com/bank-of-america-set-to-roll-out-real-time-payments/
  6. Libra I am still up in the air with its either never going to launch or its going to have something to do with the XRPL
  7. Looks like TCS has official started using RippleNet? Thoughts everyone? TCS announced last year they were joining RippleNet via Quartz https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocurrencies/news/tata-consultancy-services-tcs-adopts-ripple-technology-201904090245 Quartz gateway connects to TCS Bancs payment system to offer real time payments https://xrprightnow.com/tata-consultancy-services-launches-real-time-payments/ Connection Cliff Notes: -TATA connects to RippleNet via Quartz -Quartz gateway connects the TCS BaNCS payment systems -Real-time Payments solution is part of the TCS BaNCS
  8. Anytime David Speaks or writes I listen or read! He is a true genius
  9. This is great news! Especially with Chris Larsen being a board member From HSBC Report: Article Link with HSBC Final Report
  10. As of right now, if things stay the way they are with XRP usage and such I see the price floating around $1.00 If we get Dozens of banks using the XRPL like Brad has stated I can see the price anywhere from $3-5. But that's a big IF, there are always delays in the crypto world. SBI I do not think will have a price impact - yes we might see a FOMO but when price settles it will be right around the same it started at before SBI has gone live. 2020 really all depends on if we get dozens of Banks in 2019 using XRPL. If we do 2020 can be the year of adoption, as we know 2019 is all about connectivity from JK. If 2020 becomes the year of adoption we can see anywhere from 5-10?
  11. I think at this point the SEC will never mention XRP by name. A no action for the past 5 years tells us all we need to know. If the SEC singled out XRP then these other cryptos would be knocking on there door non stop asking for the same treatment. We all know XRP is not a security
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