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  1. I have been thinking about a bypass solution to accept XRP payments while keeping it all going through Amazon, but this would take a bit longer to think through and set up. But maybe we'll manage at some point... or Amazon accepts XRP natively before, who knows! Looking forward! Hi Hodor! I wouldn't put a specific date for the launch, as this sort of developed from an "I want an XRP shirt" project to this now. So after making a few designs and making the website, I started reaching out a bit to get some feedback in April/May. Based on that, I figured that I should make a whole bunch of designs first and be creative to create a better experience. So that's what happened over the past few weeks, and now I felt that it's good enough to put it out there. I'm active on Reddit and Twitter mostly and as I said, all started with me wanting an XRP shirt, but feeling that I couldn't find nice ones or simply overpriced ones. I'll send you a DM on Twitter!
  2. Hello XRP Chat Community! In the past months, we've been working hard to offer a convenient way for the members XRP Community to gear themselves with some cool XRP merchandise. So here we are now & we would like to introduce you all to the XRP Merch Store! We focused on cool designs, fair prices & convenient access. Therefore, all of our XRP merch is available on Amazon, including Prime benefits! Shirts are available on: Amazon US - $19.99 Amazon UK - £16.99 Amazon DE - €19.99 Hoodies are available on: Amazon US - $34.99 Amazon UK - £33.99 Amazon DE - €36.99 Popsockets are available on: Amazon US - $14.99 We invite you all to check out our website for an overview of all of our designs! https://xrpmerchstore.com You can also follow us on Twitter for @xrpmerchstore for any updates! Also, every feedback is much appreciated! - XRP Merch Store Your #1 source for XRP merchandise. Get your XRP shirt, XRP hoodie, XRP popsocket and more today!
  3. New Ripple Insights article focused on interoperability: https://ripple.com/insights/interoperability-is-the-key-to-unlocking-the-network-of-networks/
  4. Okay, I didn't expect a crossword puzzle there. But creative... I know them all, but for titles only the CEO, CTO, and Marketing.
  5. There's some potential in the designs, keep them coming!
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