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  1. No, I’m not certain. I guess it’s more of a question. We all just found out about the time frame for flare token distribution so who knows. The distribution over time makes sense but, I’ve to figure out what it means for the airdrop
  2. Ok, I put it in and see flare is created for it. I don’t understand it at all. Hopefully, this is safe to do. Thanks for helping.
  3. If you use the hosted wallet, flare claiming is automatic it says. I transferred some Xrp to it. My only concern is will there be a hack? It now seems the flare is distributed over a few years so, my Xrp will have to sit in their hosted wallet I guess. That makes me uncomfortable but I’ll let it sit I guess. I also did the wietse thing using Xrp toolkit for my nano holdings, but I’ve some misgivings about that as well. I’m into Xrp for years but I’m no techie I’m afraid so this whole process is uncomfortable.
  4. I followed wietse’s directions and it worked well, it seems. Problem seems when I verify I can’t find anything. What address do I put into Bithomp, my MEW created public eth address?
  5. Need a little help. I created an ETH address just now using MEW, input it using Xrp toolkit, did the message key thing using my nano s. When I go to confirm using xrpscan, nothing is found. What must I do now? What address do I put in to xrpscan to confirm? I tried the eth compatible, and the flare address but nothing... damn it I’m so confused by this
  6. Creating the ether address is what confuses me. Did you use the MEW wallet?
  7. I sent some Xrp to gatehub for the reason of claiming flare. I need to send my other balances soon as I don’t know how (and don’t want to spend the time) to set up the flare airdrop with my ledger. Hope it works out for all doing this. My account is long-standing with gatehub.
  8. Get em kiddo. He’s allowed to share his thoughts. Why the hammering folks?
  9. Wondering when we’ll see MGI go live with xrapid, not just testing a corridor or two? Then what kind of increase in Xrp use we’ll see due to MGI mass use of xrapid... anyone care to share some factual ideas?
  10. Haha. I guess it did although it’s more of a strategic partnership in order to coax them into using xrapid. Don’t get me wrong I’m long ripple labs and Xrp. Wish ripple had gotten MGI to use xrapid without the $50 million, but let’s see how it goes...
  11. I don’t think ripple will buy a company in the remittance space bc it would deter other similar companies to MoneyGram, from doing business with ripple labs
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