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  1. Get em kiddo. He’s allowed to share his thoughts. Why the hammering folks?
  2. Wondering when we’ll see MGI go live with xrapid, not just testing a corridor or two? Then what kind of increase in Xrp use we’ll see due to MGI mass use of xrapid... anyone care to share some factual ideas?
  3. Haha. I guess it did although it’s more of a strategic partnership in order to coax them into using xrapid. Don’t get me wrong I’m long ripple labs and Xrp. Wish ripple had gotten MGI to use xrapid without the $50 million, but let’s see how it goes...
  4. I don’t think ripple will buy a company in the remittance space bc it would deter other similar companies to MoneyGram, from doing business with ripple labs
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