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  1. Great that you're back. Not many of us OGs left. Be sure to check out Bob's Book Club - an ex Ripple employee dropping a huge amount of useful info.
  2. Are you the original Dizer, from way back on XRPtalk, who left this forum last year? If so, a hearty welcome back!
  3. Yes he did. And Bob Way knows why, but he said he can't tell us because it would be a breach of confidence, which is fair enough. But it indicates to me that there must be a pretty serious reason why Jed stopped.
  4. I'll just repeat that for emphasis: "But if and when Cobalt is implemented, it won’t be user-facing and its deployment won’t affect users of the XRP Ledger."
  5. The latter. Specifically the one you show above.
  6. Now the thread title goes to first unread, except in Clubs where it still goes to the first post in the thread.
  7. I'm waiting for the wallet OS from Wietse Wind (he of XRP Tipbot). No idea on the timeline, but with his name on it, it's gonna be good.
  8. Interesting video, but this guy is a "financial crime apprentice", not someone who is able to make decisions on Ripple/XRP deployment at Santander. Seems like he was told to go and make the video as a learning exercise for him, not to inform his superiors of what direction they should take with blockchain.
  9. Nothing, except the warm, buzzy feeling that comes with helping push forward the bleeding edge of payment tech. Matt Hamilton said in a recent interview that it costs him only EUR15 per month, hosted on a server farm in Finland.
  10. A later comment says that the above is an old article from 2018. FUD?
  11. "We are not using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency..." The interviewer bowled him an easy question by which he could have endorsed XRP. He did not.
  12. https://medium.com/@TKsblog/tks-journey-blog-a-chat-with-wietse-wind-fc8389b29f18
  13. Yes, a billionaire despite his own best efforts, to quote David Schwartz.
  14. Now Kraken is offering 100K in rewards for information: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe25bdUGDAQATA6ENMcdspi6fFSzFhmEKUW0N5MAJy_aNy5MQ/viewform
  15. Probably a good thing. And the plaintiffs will have to disclose who is funding them:
  16. No one at all will be able to access the funds now, unless someone made a copy of the secret key (s followed by about 28 other letters)
  17. Based in Singapore (maybe Hong Kong too). No XRP initially, but they say they'll be adding a lot of currencies in due course. https://coinjournal.net/bitsdaq-bittrex-launch-crypto-exchange-targeting-asian-markets/
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