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  1. Very interesting data. XRP no doubt does get a lot of hype tweets, but also a lot of FUD tweets - how do they distinguish the two? Also wouldn't the 'greater fool' strategy work best with the most-hyped coins?
  2. One economic commentator's view on Libra: https://www.mauldineconomics.com/frontlinethoughts/money-of-the-future ... with an honourable mention for EpsilonTheory.
  3. Is it possible that they thought they were stating the fee in drops? In RippleRM wallet, I believe, all transaction values are in drops, for example.
  4. This may help: How can I verify that a secret key is valid?
  5. Assuming you never made a record of the secret key (long string of characters starting with s), then you're stuck. You absolutely need the password associated with the wallet txt file.
  6. But how good is the exchange rate? Fees can be hidden in a poor rate.
  7. Very good interview. Many interesting points from straight-shooting DS, but I just want to pick out a couple of disappointing aspects: He seemed to imply that the SEC is moving the goalposts as regards the security issue and sounded less than 100% certain about the status of XRP. And he said that the court case which may lead to regulatory clarity is going to take "a couple of years". Nevertheless, the interview was extremely positive overall.
  8. All todaysgibberish articles are a waste of time. Just block the people who post them.
  9. Yes, that's the tweet I meant. NikB doesn't mention the word retail, as @codiusrex claimed. He is also drawing the comparison to show the XRPL in a favourable light compared with Libra, not the reverse.
  10. "That is true. I have worked in 2 Swiz projects in last 6 months with this magnificent combo". What does she mean by Swiz? Swiss?
  11. Link to that tweet? If it's the one I'm thinking of, it doesn't say what you claim.
  12. Good post. On a similar theme, this was first linked to by @jcdenton https://pastebin.com/N8kq5kHk
  13. Many times on this forum I have strenuously defended Ripple, believing that they are not manipulating the price of XRP because David Schwartz said so and I think he's not a liar. However, this data does seem to present evidence that Ripple and/or its programmatic sales agents are indeed manipulating the price. My belief is shaken. Whilst, as an OG holder, I am somewhat comforted by the putative existence of a 'Garlinghouse put' (cf the Bernanke put), it denies new investors speculators the chance to get in at low prices. And of course, keeping the price down during crypto bull runs ... well, you can guess what I think about that. All too fishy.
  14. What if the relevant legislation is not passed by the Diet by late July? Preparing myself for yet another SBIVC delay.
  15. And I was hoping this might be a salt-free zone.
  16. Well, Kitao-san was recently snapped sitting with Shamtoshi. But SBI doesn't list BSV does it?
  17. 1. At present you can't retrieve the 20XRP. I think @nikb recently said that in future there may be modifications made to the XRPL to allow account deletion. 2. Send XRP to an exchange, then to the other person. No one will be able to trace where it came from (except employees of the exchange, presumably).
  18. TW UK account to Hong Kong bank in 8 seconds - pretty impressive. Fee about 0.8%.
  19. It's still here, look for the Zerpbox tab. You have to be logged in to see it. Oh, and you may need a minimum number of posts in the forum - not sure how many. It's a sad chatbox now, though. Full of sarcasm and negativity about Ripple and XRP, plus a couple of guys constantly discussing altcoin pumps. Barely worth reading.
  20. Great that you're back. Not many of us OGs left. Be sure to check out Bob's Book Club - an ex Ripple employee dropping a huge amount of useful info.
  21. Are you the original Dizer, from way back on XRPtalk, who left this forum last year? If so, a hearty welcome back!
  22. Yes he did. And Bob Way knows why, but he said he can't tell us because it would be a breach of confidence, which is fair enough. But it indicates to me that there must be a pretty serious reason why Jed stopped.
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