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  1. I won't post the link, but there's a new channel streaming live right now called Official Ripple Channel, promoting a 100 million XRP giveaway purportedly to celebrate Ripple's victory over the SEC (which is fake news). Of course, it's a scam. I have reported both the channel and the stream. If you come across it, I encourage you to do the same. EDIT: It seems the associated XRPL address is already in the Xrplorer.com (XRP Forensics) database.
  2. I don't have the Mac version of the Ripple desktop client, unfortunately. @RobertHarpool has it. You could ask him nicely for the install file.
  3. I have the last official Ripple desktop clients for Windows and Linux released by Ripple in 2015. Once installed, you should simply be able to open your wallet.txt file using the password. You can then reveal the secret key beginning with 's' and import that to another wallet; I recommend Xumm.
  4. Please don't cross post in multiple topics. I already answered your previous post.
  5. If you have the secret key beginning with 's', import it to Xumm wallet for Android or iOS using the guide in the Problem Solving section here. You don't need to create a new wallet.
  6. I think secret keys do vary a little in length. Try importing the key into Xumm wallet for Android or iOS as detailed in the sticky post in this section.
  7. Do you have a file named something like wallet.txt? And can you remember the associated password?
  8. You need to post enough so that you are permitted to send me a PM. I will guide you from there.
  9. No. You need the secret key, a long string of characters beginning with 's'. If you have a file named something like wallet.txt and the associated password, I might be able to help you.
  10. Your statements are contradictory. Do you have the secret key (aka family seed) which is a long string of characters beginning with 's'? If you have it, then just import it to Xumm wallet for Android or iOS.
  11. No mention of the SEC V Ripple case, but an interesting interview nevertheless:
  12. Coverage by Bloomberg: Crypto Firm Ripple to Take 40% Stake in Asia Payments Specialist Tranglo is used by Wise (new name for Transferwise) to make payouts to retail customers in Asia.
  13. Deaton does not think that US exchanges will take the risk of re-lising XRP based purely upon what the SEC lawyer said:
  14. However, it has been said many times that the SEC is not seeking to prove that XRP is a security, but rather that the sale of it can constitute an investment contract. Thus, we (non-affiliates of Ripple) are now in the clear, and so are exchanges, surely?
  15. Guessing he's https://www.crunchbase.com/person/patrick-griffin-2
  16. Exhibit A C Larsen letter to R Fugger explaining why the founders kept 20B XRP There's more, but the document is an image - cannot cut and paste text. See for yourselves. Exhibit B Information about the Rippleworks donations. Supposedly 3.5B from Larsen to be matched by 3.5B from Ripple. Again, no cut and paste possible.
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