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  1. I used the David Schwartz method without being a coder. I googled for instructions. If the person is not up to that, then they have to trust someone who is not with Ripple because that company is banned from creating a wallet. If I had to trust any non-Ripple employee in this space, it would be Wietse Wind, who is indirectly funded by Ripple. I gave his solution as well, which requires nothing more than opening an html file in a browser.
  2. I gave you the solution in my previous post. If you don't trust David Schwartz (aka Joel Katz), CTO of Ripple, to steer you in the right direction, then you have more problems than we can solve here.
  3. You could use this method. Also Wietse Wind created a webpage for generating accounts, and possibly it would run offline. https://xrp-addr.wietse.now.sh/
  4. https://xrpcommunity.blog/bithomp-tools-using-offline-mode/
  5. If I download FoxletRipple-2.0.0-linux-x64.zip do I still need to build it with node.js?
  6. Exactly. In interviews he seemed up-tight and defensive, which he attempted to cover up by being a little too rude-boy relaxed.
  7. Agreed. I hope he has left - I found him by far the least impressive Ripple employee I've seen in panel discussions, interviews and on Twitter, regardless of the liquidity issue.
  8. I use Ubuntu, so I guess the Mint version would work for that, too (both Debian based)? Thanks!
  9. The dollar is in a unique position because it's the global reserve currency. Entities outside of the USA need dollars to pay for stuff and to service dollar-denominated debt, which bids up the price of dollars against other currencies. There are really two dollar markets, the one internal to the USA and the eurodollar one outside. I found this video quite enlightening (no mention of XRP, though):
  10. Asheesh Birla, Ripple employee, weighs in: https://twitter.com/ashgoblue/status/1232480844847017985
  11. I hate to say this, but this subsidy paints a picture of ODL not being able to pay its own way (save money for the company that uses it), YET.
  12. http://ir.moneygram.com/news-releases/news-release-details/moneygram-international-reports-fourth-quarter-and-full-year-4 I have no idea what a "contra expense" is.
  13. Incorrect. The selling schedule you quote is from 2014. That agreement was superceded (as has been stated on this forum countless times) by the 2016 agreement outlined by Monica Long on the official Ripple forum. It currently restricts Jed to selling 1.75% of daily XRP volume, IIRC. Ripple are in full control of Jed's XRP and they parcel it out to him to sell based upon the said volume.
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