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  1. It would help if mods were much harder on the trolls. There are members here whose clear purpose is to throw negativity and misinformation around and hope some of it sticks. I'm all for constructive criticism of Ripple and XRP and most of us don't want an echo chamber, but these trolls are just here to annoy and destroy. I've been on this forum for nearly four years (and XRPtalk before that) and this is the worst it's ever been, by far. So many quality contributors have left. It's time for persistent trolls to be banned.
  2. So my follow-up question is: why would a noob user ever need to know about this seed or have access to it?
  3. @SimpleXRPTools Very good post. The terminology surrounding XRPL account keys is inconsistent and really confusing, unless you are a cryptography expert. I think we need definitive, consistent and non-technical (as much as that is possible) definitions of the following: 1. XRPL account address - the string beginning with 'r'. 2. Master key, secret seed, master seed, private key (if those are all the same entity) - the string beginning with 's'. Let's just have one term for this, please. 3. Regular key - does that begin with an 's' as well? Why would you want to use a regular key instead of the master key, assuming the latter has not been compromised? 4. Any other XRPL account keys I haven't thought of.
  4. Over 25,000 sales outlets in France to accept cryptocurrencies from 2020 Only BTC initially, but may expand to other cryptos later.
  5. A PDF with examples: https://www.ripple.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/RippleNet-On-Demand-Liquidity.pdf GoLanceInc is a customer. No idea how big they are:
  6. If I had serious doubts about the validity of the secret key, I'd make a small test transaction as you propose, but it's not strictly necessary. I'm sure I've read that there's another way to validate a secret key without making a transaction - hopefully someone else will chime in with the details. If you're super cautious you may also want to read up about the biased nonce vulnerability (don't do anything drastic - it's a very small risk applying to accounts created with old versions of Rippled, and as long as you have not made more than one signed transcation with the account, you're safe). For cold storage, transferring to a hardware wallet just introduces potentially more vulnerabilities, room for errors, and you still have to keep the recovery mnemonic for the wallet safe somewhere, so your XRP would be no safer, as far as I can see. EDIT: This was an answer, but the links are dead (btw the whole thread is worth reading): @Warbler is trustworthy. I had a quick look at his Bithomp Tools, which is claimed to be able to validate secret keys, but it wasn't obvious how. Maybe Warbler will elucidate.
  7. Don't get too excited: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/d5j0mr/incoming_securities_suit_response/ Courtesy of Dledgert:
  8. Fidor were early partners of Ripple, but never used XRP, as far as I know. I believe Fidor UK is ceasing operations. Now Fidor.de, which prides itself as a low-cost, disruptor bank is going to start charging a fee for its current account, EUR5 per month. You can avoid that by making a minimum number of transactions, but if you're just using it to move EUR out of Kraken (very fast and easy via SEPA, because Fidor is Kraken's banker) then you're going to have to pay. Just a heads up for those of you that may have engaged with them. http://newsletter.fidor.de/optiext/optiextension.dll?ID=iQRiTeViDai9bOoBBOglvxF5T5UOUlgZfReHnnWJGEz4J2D4bTDy7i10CamOJOzi4RRaHbmIuCEDVt1eESXnZ7WpycD4H
  9. Re the Triffin paradox, there are good reasons for the USA defending the dollar's position as reserve currency: https://ggc-mauldin-images.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/pdf/TFTF_Aug_23_2019_3.pdf
  10. Very interesting data. XRP no doubt does get a lot of hype tweets, but also a lot of FUD tweets - how do they distinguish the two? Also wouldn't the 'greater fool' strategy work best with the most-hyped coins?
  11. One economic commentator's view on Libra: https://www.mauldineconomics.com/frontlinethoughts/money-of-the-future ... with an honourable mention for EpsilonTheory.
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