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  1. Every XRPL wallet will receive the same number of ELS regardless of XRP balance. So you just need to get the Xumm app and send about 15 XRP to it, then set the trustline.
  2. Now working in FF, but only works in an incognito window in Chrome. All good now
  3. The xumm.community website is completely blank, both in Chrome and Firefox - anyone else having the same problem?
  4. Slight correction: Neil from FTSO.AU said on Discord that the delegation lock block occurring sometime between Thurs and Sat is not (randomly) chosen until the end of the epoch. There's no way of knowing it until 08.41 UTC Sat.
  5. Yes, place of birth, nationality and tax residence. I was unimpressed by the security awareness of Bitstamp support. They said: Are they not aware how trivially easy it is to spoof the "From" field of emails? And why are they sending login links, especially those that go via a third party? That's highly suspicious to security-aware customers.
  6. I've emailed their support to query it, not using the link in the above.
  7. I received an email, purportedly from Bitstamp asking me to login: Anyone else had this? If it is legitimate, what do they want?
  8. Not exactly linear, but an approximate projection could be made, yes.
  9. This is from May '21 but I think the process is the same. The highest 25% and lowest 25% of FTSO price estimates are discarded and those in the middle win the round.
  10. You need to make the change in delegation before 14.40 UTC every Thursday. A snapshot of delegations will be taken at a random block between that time and 08.40 UTC on Saturday. Whatever your delegation was at the time of the snapshot will earn you rewards for the epoch starting the following Saturday at 08.41 UTC.
  11. This is from FTSO.AU: Vote Delegation Reward Rate Explained I think this still isn't clear enough. Let me offer an analogy: There's a tall, cylindrical, glass container for each signal provider. At the start of each epoch the container is empty. Every four minutes, a small volume of water is added to the container in proportion to the voting power that the FTSO has, but only if it is one of the winners of that four minute voting round. If the FTSO doesn't win that round, the level of water stays the same. Over the hours, the water level in most of the containers is likely to rise as most of the FTSOs win rounds at least occasionally. The Reward Rate that you see on Flaremetrics.io is the level of water in each container, not the rate at which the level is increasing (though the latter could be derived from the changes in level if one wished). The levels always increase over the week, quickly or slowly depending on the success and the voting power of the signal provider. Only at the end of the epoch can the reward rate per week for each FTSO be seen. Then the containers are all emptied and the filling process starts again for the next epoch.
  12. There's no claim button now, for some reason - confirmed by Neil at FTSO.AU that they're working on it.
  13. Can Bifrost import private keys yet? I have one wallet with mnemonic words which I know I can import, but for my other wallets I have private keys only. I don't want to combine all of the SGB in one wallet.
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