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  1. Discussion/proposal started on Github by Wietse Wind: https://github.com/XRPLF/XRPL-Standards/discussions/30
  2. If anyone knows, @Wietse will know. If he doesn't spot this post, you can contact him on Twitter @WietseWind or @XRPLLabs. He is the lead developer of the XUMM mobile XRP wallet.
  3. Exactly as they did in the original complaint, no change. Redundant rubbish from this 'news' peddler.
  4. Follow the link in this tweet and you can see the old and new Complaints side by side with differences highlighted: Jesse Hynes is very clear about the sole significant change:
  5. The oranges in the Howey case were not securities either. But the contract to grow and sell them on behalf of the buyer of the land constituted an investment contract. I'm not saying that this ancient law should apply to XRP sales - it's ridiculous for several reasons - but the SEC takes a different view.
  6. Not much has changed, mainly adding some accusations against BG and CL that means their motions to dismiss are less likely to succeed.
  7. An interesting (long) opinion piece by Diego Parrilla: Bitcoin: Bubble or Anti-Bubble?
  8. Thanks to @panmores for the link: The full letter: https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.nysd.551082/gov.uscourts.nysd.551082.45.0.pdf Quite a lot to digest, but a skim read tells me that both parties have declined the opportunity to have the case heard before a Magistrate Judge. Most importantly: No doubt Jeremy Hogan will be making a video to unpack this.
  9. Another good YT video from MIckey B Fresh: ... based on this article: https://dailyhodl.com/2021/02/15/ripple-reveals-push-to-expand-institutional-xrp-liquidity-in-asia-launches-hiring-spree-for-ripplex/
  10. Some press coverage, doesn't add anything, but easier to read: https://u.today/xrpl-ready-to-break-into-nft-race-devs-explain-how
  11. This tweet thread may help (you may have to expand it):
  12. Very interesting potential new development direction for XRPL Labs. Comes soon after Gala Games talking about having NFTs on the Flare Network.
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