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  1. If Flare Network (for profit) is going to deploy its full 25Bn FLR then it will totally dominate Governance votes and the rewards from FTSO etc. It may not have an automatic majority but it will take some considerable organisation by other FLR holders to outvote them.
  2. This is a total mess. How is it possible to make a rational, informed decision about selling or buying FLR after the first airdrop if we don't know how many FLR will finally be created?
  3. World Bank rejects El Salvador request for Bitcoin help
  4. I'm not a trader, but with Flare coming out soon I may be tempted to dip my toe in the trading pool. I live in a jurisdiction that does not tax offshore income, nor capital gains from any source. I'm pretty sure that if I restrict my trading to exchanges based outside of the country, then I'm off the tax hook. But what if I decide to run a Flare node at home, for example, and submit frequent trades to the network through that node - is that likely to be construed as generating income onshore? Or what about if the node is on AWS in another country? Obviously tax rules and interpretations of those rules vary hugely from country to country, but I'd simply appreciate some general opinions, maybe from people who have been in similar kinds of situations.
  5. Not everyone is going to want to do this, but in case you do this video is very clear: I just realized that this must be the work of @FTSO_AU. Nice job, mate!
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