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  1. PunishmentOfLuxury

    Finablr's UAE Exchange, Ripple to begin blockchain payments by first quarter

    How do you know? It states 'blockchain' and xCurrent is not blockchain. Also it seems odd that they would restrict transactions to only a couple of banks in Asia if nostro/vostro is to be used.
  2. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-finablr-ripple-payments/finablrs-uae-exchange-ripple-to-begin-blockchain-payments-by-first-quarter-idUSKBN1OC0IR
  3. PunishmentOfLuxury

    Different Types of UNL's and Validator Question

    AFAIK ONLY the currency issuer can freeze an IOU issued on the XRPL. And I guess I need to repeat, XRP cannot be frozen.
  4. PunishmentOfLuxury

    Saudi Arabia’s ICD Bank Announces Blockchain Powered Islamic Banking Solutions

    Other coverage of the agreement, but no mention of Ripple: https://satoshinakamotoblog.com/signing-of-agreement-between-islamic-corporation-for-the-development-of-private-sector-icd-and-i-fintech-solutions-ifts-to-implement-new-technology-solutions But we should remember this: Saudi Arabia's central bank signs blockchain deal with Ripple
  5. Saudi Arabia’s ICD Bank Announces Blockchain Powered Islamic Banking Solutions I'm not sure what it all means, but RippleNet may well be involved: Thanks to @Psychodance for finding it.
  6. Spot on. Only a couple of months ago it was rumoured by some here that R3 was going bankRektRekterRektest.
  7. First tell us how the hell anyone would get control of the majority of nodes on the UNL, run by different organisations in different territories? This is not Bitcoin. You can't just fire up a nuclear reactor in Jihanistan and out-mine everyone else into a minority. The XRPL works totally differently. That you can ask such a question implies that you have not read much.
  8. PunishmentOfLuxury

    New investment from ripple ?Sendfriend inc

    NJ USA only at the moment:
  9. Press release (in Japanese): https://corporate.coincheck.com/2018/11/26/62.html
  10. PunishmentOfLuxury

    Navin Gupta @Bahrain FinTech Bay

    Navin didn't say it, the other guy did. I believe only exemplary politeness stopped Navin slapping him down for that.
  11. PunishmentOfLuxury

    BCH hash war

    This is an interesting summary of events: https://medium.com/@bill_mcgonigle/but-what-about-the-warlords-something-amazing-just-happened-on-bitcoin-cash-be4143fc8e55
  12. PunishmentOfLuxury

    BCH hash war

    Looks like Coingeek (the principal miner of SV) has raised the white flag: https://coingeek.com/plan-end-worlds-first-bitcoin-hash-election/ Commentary here (biased): And it seems like most exchanges are going with ABC as the true BCH. The recent ABC upgrades could not have happened without centralized authority; it's good to see that someone in the BTC space is seeing the advantages of governance.
  13. PunishmentOfLuxury

    BCH hash war

    Apparently it was just a couple of corrupted blocks or something like that, not an attack. Such things happen on the BTC chain almost every day. The war may not be over yet.