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  1. soooooooo is it going up or nah? 4th quarter, Oct 13th, and Ripples being a c***tease. 1. SWELL conference 2. Going live with Mexico (total curve ball btw) 3. waiting on that escrow... and still no spike. not even breaking .30....... Soooo we still have faith, or nah? I feel like im waiting for the second coming of Jesus
  2. thats awesome hopefully the wont just use "house xrp" for these transactions
  3. i agree with you to a certain degree. it is a little exhausting. im just waiting for that buck or two and ill be satisfied.
  4. SO, were 30 days away from Q4. any news coming down the pipeline on RIPPLE/XRP usage?
  5. EXACTLY!!!!! people forget the social aspects of investments
  6. First and foremost, congrats to anyone who made a profit this last day. Fingers crossed for more to come. As you know, when something is succeeding there are always haters. Ive heard things like: -its not decentralized it wont work -ripple is a rip off, their coin wont rise in value for the long term -market cap blah blah blah after a significant amount of eye rolling at my part, I honestly don't know how to counter argue these naysayers. not that I should; but perhaps I need a little more education on all the negative hype surrounding XRP and RIPPLE. anyone care to share all the knocking they've heard from others? I swear, I feel like Moses trying to lead people to the promised land.
  7. .24 cents now I would like to know why as well, but all in all, im thankful AF.
  8. whats the definition of "market cap"
  9. IRS requested the list of people from coinbase who converted bitcoins to fiat. A judge struck that request down OMG! are you serious???? any articles on this?
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