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  1. This is indeed interesting times. I have seen no mention of an E-Sterling (but who knows). The BOE information on their RTGS also mentions possible integration of DLT to cross border payments (they did a Proof of Concept on 'Synchronisation' in 2018 with Ripple.) Given that R3 can use XRP as it settlement asset, it would be interesting if the Swedish Central Bank integrate for cross border payments too.
  2. I am not sure if this has been posted in another thread, I could not find it. (apologies mods if I am repeating information!) The Bank of England (BOE) is developing a new real time gross settlement system (RTGS) which is due to go live in 2022. They have officially selected Accenture as their 'Technology Delivery Partner': https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/news/2020/july/boe-appoints-accenture-as-the-technology-delivery-partner-for-the-rtgs-service-renewal-programme Some of you may also know that Accenture use Ripple technology: https://www.accenture.com/_acnmedia/PDF-23/Accenture-Banking-Real-time-Cross-Border-Payments.pdf This may be the case that Accenture are paying Ripple (Tier 2 supplier) to use their technology but they are developing the solution for the BOE (Tier 1 supplier). Obviously this is early days and they have just announced that Accenture will develop the system for them - with very little detail. They may not use Ripple tech at all for this solution! What do you guys and gals think?
  3. Thanks for the information!
  4. Looks like a large amount of potential new EUR/USD ($1.5m) and also more USD/EUR transactions spotted on utility scan! Has this corridor been announced? Could we speculate if this is testing or a real customer use case?
  5. What do we think? Competition for XCurrent? It does however mention ‘settlement’ several times. Perhaps though it still relies on current nostro/vostro? https://www.swift.com/news-events/news/swift-enables-payments-to-be-executed-in-seconds
  6. now I use data from January 4th 2017, ATH of $3.84. Calculator estimates $3.41. This is fun.....
  7. I had a play around on it for a bit of fun. Based of today's data i got from CMC (I know its not that accurate...) Total Daily Transactions: $0.001 trillion ($1 billion) Store of Value: I assumed 75% of XRP is being unused at the moment. $0.015 Trillion ($15 billion). Duration: 0 years (today's volume) Circulating Supply of 42.5 billion XRP The calculator showed $0.47 - which is about the price as of writing ($0.46) All just a bit of fun really, but interesting that the calculator was so close....
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