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  1. What do we think? Competition for XCurrent? It does however mention ‘settlement’ several times. Perhaps though it still relies on current nostro/vostro? https://www.swift.com/news-events/news/swift-enables-payments-to-be-executed-in-seconds
  2. now I use data from January 4th 2017, ATH of $3.84. Calculator estimates $3.41. This is fun.....
  3. I had a play around on it for a bit of fun. Based of today's data i got from CMC (I know its not that accurate...) Total Daily Transactions: $0.001 trillion ($1 billion) Store of Value: I assumed 75% of XRP is being unused at the moment. $0.015 Trillion ($15 billion). Duration: 0 years (today's volume) Circulating Supply of 42.5 billion XRP The calculator showed $0.47 - which is about the price as of writing ($0.46) All just a bit of fun really, but interesting that the calculator was so close....
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