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  1. Hey @Cryptoak, welcome. What's your youtube channel about? Also crypto? Cheers,
  2. But on an exchange you do not own the currency, you only have an ioy. In the end, if something happens to the exchange, you might lose all "your' xrp.
  3. No chart, but close enough? https://ripple.com/company/
  4. Wonder if that is true, the smallest tradable part is one hundred millionth BTC. The smallest part of XRP is one millionth XRP. This means that the tradable parts of the coins (and the amount of parts in circulation) could affect this. But then again, wonder if even smaller parts can be implemented, or what psychology does. Perhaps 1XRP sounds better than 0.000047 BTC, but I'm not an economst
  5. But why would it not affect the price? We need liquididy for a more stable and reliable coin don't we?
  6. Should have searched better.. it’s discussed here as well..
  7. Thanks @Rey, I searched their forum, but did not find the answer why, only that they did it (explained in a short history about CSC). Probably something to do with ownership.
  8. Hey @Sukrim, csc is Casinocoin. Their wallet is on github, written in Javascript. (Angular). It' a direct fork of the toast wallet. https://github.com/casinocoin I would love to write a wallet like this, and though I know how to write code, but I don't write mobile apps, and still have a lot to learn about the techniques used for XRP
  9. Hi all, just a few small questions. To my understanding, csc is a fork from xrp. (Just as Stellar is). My questions would be, why did they not just use the ripple system like alv is doing? Would it be easy to create a wallet that supports both stellar as csc as xrp (an thus alv)? To be honest, I would love to have a wallet that could hold all currencies instead of having >= 4 wallets on my phone.
  10. Well. Knowing the future would be boring would it not be? Just repeating everything you already know
  11. Let’s place a ‘wingardium leviosa’ to the course
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