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  1. Finally got it! Thanks for your help guys. Any recommendations for wallets that dont require you to setup and fund a new public address?
  2. Hi guys, Have been totally out of the loop for a couple of years. I had a fairly chunky amount of XRP stored with the - now decommissioned - Rippex desktop app. Was bumbling around the internet today and noticed Rippex support had been stopped and figured I should move my XRP on pronto. Did some digging around and downloaded Atomic and imported my XRP using my secret key. All good so far. Now, onto the 20 XRP that I can still see on the Rippex Desktop Client...I understand that 20 XRP is required to fund a new wallet in order to stop spamming the ledger etc. BUT from what I'd read I was under the impression by importing using my secret key I wouldnt lose the 20? OR is it because Atomic generates new address "r%" automatically which is what costs the 20 XRP, whereas something like Toast allows you to use same address which was generated when I first set the wallet up. I can't find the specific answer... my reading says that by having the secret key I wont lose the 20, but that seems to be what has happened. It's not the biggest of deals... but I'm just wondering what happens when support for Atomic is dropped and I want to move them on else where... Thanks for advice (and sorry for probably asking the same question just a year late),
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