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  1. I respect that you still believe in Ripple as a company. I did too until new news come to see the light of day. Just blindly trusting Ripple know will be very hard. I will need more time to read up on this and hopefully the company themselves will come out with a statement of sorts.
  2. I guys in a suit, a photoshopped pic, a reward plaque makes you weak at the knees? You are that easily swayed ?? Read up on this : https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/32272-tracking-sells-of-xrp-from-ripple-through-cryptowinter/
  3. This is just terrible. Brad is nothing but a charlatan in a suit. This is way past any gray area and is flat out fraud & theft. This must be a matter for the FBI surly? No more XRP for me. A sad day.
  4. These are truly great buying prices. We still believe in XRP, we still want to support Ripple. I just made another trade. Adding to my position.
  5. I just picked up 300 x XRP! Not much but I keep adding to my stack.
  6. Now is an amazing time to buy! We just dipped below $ 0.40 cents
  7. During this healthy pullback what are people buying ? More XRP at amazing bargain prices or diversify into BTC, ADA, LTC or ETC ?
  8. I’m a little bewildered as well, BTC + ALTs move north while XRP is slumped at status quo. I read Eric’s & the goods Doctors TA and I love it but I feel unsatisfied by the lack of increase, upwards motion. I’m a long term bag holder and my patience is over. At 13K BTC XRP should have been closer to 80cents. We are half that – end rant.
  9. I have been reading your posts for a year. You are extremely value add to this forum. Like everyone else I love reading your input, so much so I look for it daily.
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