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  1. @Eric123 Happy Friday. In your estimate based on TA do you see XRP reach $1 in a matter of days or a slow creep that takes month once we enter bear?
  2. Joined August 14, Not exactly box fresh. Lets get back to our regular broadcasting.
  3. Lets dispense with the silliness. XRP has not been kind to investors as of late. Lets leave it at that.
  4. Now is the time to buy more! Great deals to be had all around, some new coins added. Just wish I had more fiat.
  5. Typo edited, thanks Yes, unfortunately I need to sell when I’m in the green. As I encounter some unforeseen expenses my back is to the wall. My stack is only $ 31K ++ but I need the cash as something has come up. Good job for those guys with an average below ten cents.
  6. I would imagine many member here entered the market at sub 10 cents. Now would be an excellent time to sell. I’m in blood red so I will tag alone for a long time still..
  7. Exactly, I’m no going to spew out financial advice but now is the time to make one last HUGE trade. Give it all you got. When we catapult from here we will see $1 easy.
  8. https://www.ccn.com/after-monster-crash-bitcoin-flashes-loudest-buy-signal-in-8-months/
  9. Pure speculation, do BMs think we will see BTC as low as 7K in this drop? If I had the cash I would add to my position now.
  10. I hope, I would love to see sub 20c too. Im still buying. I just hope CL keeps selling.
  11. Finally sub 30 cents! Now is the time to buy.
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