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  1. Baka, there is no arguing that now is a great time to buy! We all wish XRP was $1++ but lets wait it out.
  2. At sub $ .10 cents XRP is an insane deal. Not often do we come across such once in a lifetime opportunities. We are truly blessed.
  3. XRP is the only sure thing in crypto. I just added more @ .18 cents. Even small investments at this price will drastically lower you average. I just wish I had more £££
  4. You must be clairvoyant. Good job calling that. Do you have cash ready?
  5. I added to my stack yesterday. At $1 XRP is a superb buy. At $ .50 it’s a steal. At $.19 we must think Brad had brain damage to unload XRP this cheap. So yes, if you have the fiat buy yourself a nice x-mas XRP stack.
  6. Believe me, I do! A lot of good X(RP)-mas beers around. Now is the time to buy more..
  7. There is no arguing that this is exciting times in crypto, especially XRP. We might even see $1 by next weekend. Ref OP.
  8. Yes, we are very lucky to see XRP @ 21c! "Most" guys on this forum enjoy deep green profits whereas I’m in blood red.
  9. One thing is for sure, now is a great time to make a solid investment.
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