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  1. Transparency on the xrpl is great, but not in every case. If the xrpl is used by a huge number of individuals for everyday payments in different currencies and holding of their savings, a data leak of an exchange could be dangerous, if home address or personal data get into wrong hands. And data leaks occurrred more than one time. Is there a possibility to bring more privacy to the xrpl accounts? Is there something to be developed by ripple? I know that authorities don't like privacy coins because of money laundering etc. but the other side is the danger for the single user. What is your opinion?
  2. Bonus points and vouchers could be issued by wholesale companies as iou's on the xrpl. This combined with payment methods (xumm app) could support the mass adoption!
  3. Thank's. But i can't find SOLO there. Is there an explorer which searches all the trustlines on the xrpl ?
  4. Does anybody know, if there is an explorer where you can find any ious issued on the xrpl ?
  5. Ok, an additional messaging channel would be a possibility ( could be xcurrent ?). But payment-channels for IOU's (also think of CBDCs) would be an improvement.
  6. The transacting companies could manage their customerdata off the xrpl ( i think e.g. revolut does not activate one xrpl account for each customer) and only the sum of the customer balances is shown on xrpl, but they need the paymentinfo to assign the payment to the right customer in their database.
  7. Thank you nikb and at3n for your reply! I think at the moment and in the near future the xrpl has enough capacity to handle every incoming transaction. But in a few years from now, paymentchannels will be very important to deliver the capacity to process millions of transactions per second, when every thinkable value will be transfered through the xrpl. Therefore in my opinion some amendments have to be added (paymentchannels for iou's and Memos for every "micropayment" as long the channel is active). Then the capacity for payments is endless, if you think of networks of paymentchannels operating parallel with the xrpl settlement!
  8. The idea is following: Two companies or institutions establish a payment-channel for a certain amount of time and forward multiple payments of different customers through the channel. Is it then possible to add some Information to each single payment to assign it to different customers correctly?
  9. Thank you for the Information-link! But i could not find if it is possible to send some Information along with each micropayment before the channel is closed.
  10. If a payment channel is used, can there be Information ( e.g. destination tags) included for each micropayment or only for the summary of the payments if the channel is closed ?
  11. Does anybody know, if the use of payment channels is also possible for the transfer of iou's ?
  12. I think If it's true it either will be announced by the companies themselves or we can take a look at the main shareholder information of moneygram at any financial portal. It's also interesting, that one Share was over 200 Dollars before 2008 then it crashed and now its about 1,45 Dollar. I also thought about that they would be concurring their own customers. What does Amazon do ? Many companies are their customers and sell their goods. What If SBI bought the main Share of MGI ?
  13. I first invested in late 2017 before the last bull run. I only invested about 50 dollars just trying out the xrp. It was about 25 cent at this time. Then a few days later it skyrocketed to finally 3.5 dollars. Then i cought fire. I told some of my workmates about it. After the price came down, we drank some beer and i told them it would be a good idea to Invest some risk-money into xrp because of the high potential. During 2018 four of us including me met several times and bought some 1000 xrp. Now its an ongoing discussion theme and we hope its going up soon. So i inspired 3 people to Invest.
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