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  1. I think If it's true it either will be announced by the companies themselves or we can take a look at the main shareholder information of moneygram at any financial portal. It's also interesting, that one Share was over 200 Dollars before 2008 then it crashed and now its about 1,45 Dollar. I also thought about that they would be concurring their own customers. What does Amazon do ? Many companies are their customers and sell their goods. What If SBI bought the main Share of MGI ?
  2. I first invested in late 2017 before the last bull run. I only invested about 50 dollars just trying out the xrp. It was about 25 cent at this time. Then a few days later it skyrocketed to finally 3.5 dollars. Then i cought fire. I told some of my workmates about it. After the price came down, we drank some beer and i told them it would be a good idea to Invest some risk-money into xrp because of the high potential. During 2018 four of us including me met several times and bought some 1000 xrp. Now its an ongoing discussion theme and we hope its going up soon. So i inspired 3 people to Invest.
  3. Yes 1 xrp will still be 1 xrp, but plenty of them in my bags 🤣
  4. It is very interesting how the number of accounts changes over time. I always look at ledger exposed from Wietse Wind. Last month there were about 80-90k new accounts.
  5. I want to recommend the possibility of time escrows on the xrp-ledger to avoid panic sells of your xrp when price goes temporarily down. If you plan to hodl for a certain time you can lock your xrp. But beware of the end date. If you lock it until year 3000 you will never get it out before!
  6. I thought it was Importamt for ripple to be involved in the smart contracts. I think they have the ressources to recrute enough developers to fix the bugs.
  7. If you look at Wietse Winds ledger.exposed site there are actually 1.639.935 xrp accounts on the whole ledger. Assuming that every xrp user has more than one account there should be less than 1.6 million unique users. How big could this number be ?
  8. I looked at codiushosts.com It's online but there are no running contracts. There are only a few hosts running. Is there nobody using codius smart contracts ?
  9. You are right and maybe once it would not have to be compared to the dollar😜
  10. I'm feeling very safe in this community! In other words, the best thing for xrp would be a drop to the ground, because it would be the chance for the community to take full control of the coin by buying it up completely 🤗
  11. If XRP dropped to such low values (worst case) everyone in the community should Invest a hundred Dollars to buy a high percentage of the total supply together and hodl, till the price goes up again! This is my opinion, what is yours?
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