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  1. It's a 2 part move right.. So up to 4-5$ in Dec 19-Jan 20. The second move may be at July 20' up to 50$ I guess.
  2. what's the upper end of that channel in 2020?
  3. Thoughts on this? You should take a reading comprehension class, that's the most important outcome of your text.
  4. Of course I didn't know the price. My goodness, if I had a way of accurately knowing the price on a particular date 3 weeks from now, do you think I would be posting it here? It was a wishful prediction based on the recent upwards move in the market in general. I mean I could have possibly given a further date and a 2 month window which may turn out to be a more accurate prediction as we may perhaps see in the coming months. Anyway, trying to guess the price on a particular day in future is of course totally bogus. My aim was just to show how the trend usually plays out based on previous spikes and it is still playing out. We are up more than 50% since the day I made the prediction and who knows what will happen in the next months.
  5. When I started the thread, BTC was at/around 6500 and XRP at 29 cents.. Today we have seen BTC going to 9000 and XRP to 46 cents, sure it is not 1.4 USD but no one is saying above 1$ is a very difficult outcome to see in the near future anymore. Plus, you guys have to chill a little and enjoy this market. I never claimed this was some insider info. It was just a wishful prediction based on the market trend and we are certainly on an uptrend now and maybe we will reach this price in the next month or two who knows. The general trend suggests we will get pretty close to this when XRP gets to 10K to 15K sats and btc gets to about 10000 usd.
  6. Didn't @BobWay say that both him and @JoelKatz believe that time is no longer running in favor of XRP, that things have to start happening soon if XRP is to reach the position of a globally accepted settlement asset?
  7. Hmm, doesn't the X on her dress look like a certain X on the knight's shield (bg reference)?
  8. holy ****, i thought the whole madonna Madame X **** was just a coincidence of some sorts, but apparently not. The commercial is indeed odd and real. look here: https://news.madonnatribe.com/en/2018/thank-you-ripple-for-doubling-our-impact/ and here's the instagram link to Madonna's official page
  9. Ripple didn't put every single coin they had at the time in an escrow account, they have put only 55 billion. At that time, if I remember correctly they had around 4 billion or a little bit more on a separate account which can account for the differences over time, they have never suggested that they would be sending only from escrow accounts. Second, the article is misleading in title suggesting that Ripple somehow releases more than the escrow queue enables. In reality Ripple has utilized only a very minor share of what the planned Escrow function allowed it to release. Out of a potential 15 billion XRP being released to the market (1 billion per month), they have only distributed about 2.3-2.4 billion or 16% of overall potential releases that Ripple could have done. They could have released 15 billion over 15 months and that would be within their Escrow schedule. So, I call this article a FUD which is what it exactly is.
  10. A foreshock is an earthquake that occurs before a larger seismic event (the mainshock) and is related to it in both time and space. What we are seeing today with the price increase but more importantly with the volume explosion is a foreshock of a larger move that is about to happen in XRP. Historically every major parabolic move in XRP has been associated with a volume explosion that accompanies and signals a major shift in price. In April28, 2017 volume was 12M USD with a price of 0.035, next day April 29, 2017 volume exploded to 65M USD (5x), price increased to 0.045 => This was the FORESCHOCK signalling what is about to happen. April 30, 2017 volume went up to 95M USD and price to 0.05 and for a period 4 days with lower volumes around 30M (still 3x April 28, 2017) and a steady price increase toward 0.06 accompanied. This was the period of foreshock. The mainshock began on May 5 lasting until May 18 where the price topped 0.38 a more than 10X increase since the beginning of foreshock, a period that also accompanied a top volume of up to 280M USD on several days and an average of 140M USD across the cycle. A similar pattern can be seen in the foreshock of December 13, 2017 to December 21, 2017. Volume increased by 9X from 140M to 1.3Billion while price appreciated from 0.25 to 0.38, this was the first explosive growth signalling the beginning of FORESCHOCK, for the next 2 days volume continued up towards 5Billion USD on Dec 15th, price went up to 0.84, the next 6 days have seen lower but still above 1Billion volumes (nearly 8x as big as volumes before December 12) and a price stabilization around 0.74. Dec 22nd was the beginning of mainshock with a 5X volume growth from 750M to 3.8Billion volume accompanied by a price increase of almost 50%, the mainshock lasted until Jan 05, with volumes frequently topping 6billion and price reaching above 3$. So, we know that the foreshock comes with a volume explosion and an accompanied price increase of around 28-30%, it sets in with higher volumes for a short few days, stabilizes price increase for a period of 4-6 days and follows this with the mainshock which comes with another volume explosion. Let's look at what happened today: Volume explosion from 1.8B to 5.4B (3x) accompanied by a price increase of about 30% up to 42.5 cents. These two signals match that of the pattern we have seen in previous foreshocks. Let's see if the pattern continues over the next 6 days (2 more days of high volume followed by stabilization), if this occurs we may be looking at a foreshock with the possibility of a new mainshock to follow in a week's time.
  11. Legally, I don't think that is possible. Although one could use an outside entity to do this.
  12. I have seen this movie before, when XRP goes up, it goes up with a vengeance.
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