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  1. ahah for some this emoji suits best
  2. Thats how it is! I didn't know there's a special occupation for making all the things you mentioned
  3. Oh, yes! This one is amazing as well!
  4. AnaLitvi

    Good Omens

    Thanks for such a detailed answer! I'll definitely watch it!
  5. AnaLitvi

    Good Omens

    There are good reviews about the first episode, maybe it is worth watching
  6. I guess it's not easy to live there. I'd like to stay in this place for some days to relax
  7. What does conference producer do? Well, I'm thinking of getting another major, but I haven't decided yet which one I want to choose
  8. I do love Disney cartoons! My favourite one is Mulan. What about you?
  9. My major was philology but now I'm working as a hairdresser, it's a kind of hobby What about you?
  10. series where characters don't die so often I like cartoons more actually
  11. I don't have the favourite one, but I like the Shameless
  12. Thanks for this useful info! Yeah, I'm interested how the situation has changed as well
  13. So, how many of them would you like to have?
  14. I'm curious if there is some kind of statistic when people usually invest, in what crypto, who invests more often (male/female), what the average age is and etc It would be interesting to see
  15. I'm still looking for something that will bring me real pleasure
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