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  1. I noticed this also, seems to have stopped updating a week or 2 ago.
  2. That would work for me if the Escrow finish condition did not also require the preimage. I need cancel with preimage, finish with time passage. A "FirstLedgerSequence" parameter on an ordinary payment would enable "cancel with private key, finish with time passage".
  3. It doesn't look like there is an option to specify the first ledger sequence number after a which a transaction can be added to the ledger. This would be handy for the case where you want to create a transaction to execute at some point in the future, but automatically canceled if any other transaction is executed on that account i.e., that would consume the sequence number of the not yet valid transaction. Bitcoin has LockTime field that works roughly like this. Is there any other way to achieve this behavior? Escrow would almost work, except there is no way to cancel it prior to expiration.
  4. Okay, thanks. This is for a hardware wallet, with connectivity provided by a mobile app, so not really feasible for end-user to run rippled. I see that some other wallets just default to one of s1.ripple.com, s2, s3, s-west, s-east, as well as giving user option to choose their own server. I don't have much worry about trustworthiness of those servers, but more about MITM. I was hoping there might be some kind of signed transaction verification.
  5. How can I be assured that the rippled server my wallet is connected to is returning results from the consensus ledger? E.g., if an attacker controls the server I am connected to, or my connection to it, can't they easily make it appear that funds have been transferred to me? Let's say I am confident that I am currently connected to the consensus ledger. Is there a fingerprint I can save that would confirm a future transaction was validated by that same entity? Or, what is the best practice? Do I need to run my own rippled tracking server and maintain contact with multiple validating nodes?
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