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  1. I really like this idea. It gives extra time to go in depth with the content
  2. 05.00-08.00 CEST and 18.00-24.00 CEST in the week days. In the weekends I am more flexible.
  3. "Hi" to the most awesome community out there! You can call me Pres I am on Twitter under the following profile: @XRPresident I am from Denmark and I therefore speak Danish and understand Norwegian, Swedish, a bit of German and of course English. I would prefer to represent the Scandinavian countries and my time zone is GMT+2 I will be very much flexible when it comes to tasks and objectives. My goal is to educate people about XRP and in general the new era that we are entering. I want to learn, have fun and provide information for especially the Scandinavian countries. I look very much forward to this project /Pres
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