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  1. Thank you kindly for organising us in our time zones.. I would be more than willing to take session 1. But if too many people are in Session one.. I will be the first to opt for Session 2. Regards J
  2. @VoteForTomorrow You bring some really great idea's to helping sort this problem out. I like the way you mentioned the Prep video & thus helping build a good question base. Seeing as Bob doesn't really have a syllabus as per say. The questions we ask Bob before he presents the full in-depth topic will be crucial for helping him build a general guide line & foundation for the lesson. So as such, I think the more intricate we make the questions (even as silly or ridiculous as they may sound) it would defiantly help in the long run, as these questions can also be answered later with a way more in depth answer, because we will have a better understanding of the Tech further down the line. I do like the Timezone Idea. I think it is a great idea, but we would need to make sure we don't burn Bob out. He is doing this from the goodness of heart, for many weeks, in a row :P. He will get tired, as his brain will be in a hyper drive state, answering all of our question... So maybe to try & break it down into 2 groups. Why don't we run the Time Zone Idea & to turn it into only 2 groups; do one group presentation on the weekend. Friday or Saturday. I know that I have sacrificed my weekends to the Crypto & as such, always willing to burn the midnight oil on the weekends, no matter the time of the day really. I'm sure there are a lot of other people who are either using the weekend time to learn about Crypto or Trade it. Both can consumer your hours on the weekend. So lets see if we can make a group of "All Weekend-er" if the opportunity arises P.s @VoteForTomorrow I like the "G" part of the GMT's
  3. Good Day XRP Community. I'm so excited to see everyone in here, this is going to be great. My name is Justin & I am the individual behind the XRP Africa Youtube & Twitter handles. I was born on the African Continent, in a country called South Africa. I have had the opportunity to travel to many African Countries, As I represented the country of Zambia for Off Road Racing . As such, having the opportunity to see some really rural & beautiful places. One really learns a lot when having the odd moment with the village elders, as to hear about the change they have seen in their lifetime & how they dealt with it. Thus teaching me a lot about what each country is experiencing & where the opportunities lay with regards to bettering peoples lives in those given countries. If you have seen my Twitter or Youtube Page. You will see that I am one for Charity, As people have only ever been to kind to me. I shall be the same to others. What got me interested in Crypto? I was just a young boy, looking up at my wall & thought... If Africa had 1 unit of currency. The "Africa Union Currency" It would make trade in Africa a lot easier & more secure. As well as giving African Countries & their Leaders responsibility to other African Countries using the same currency. Fast Forward 15 years. We now have the solution. But for the whole world. Kindest Regards Africa
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