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  1. I think that by “creating an alternative to Swift payments” simply means being another payment option. That’s what competition is. And it’s healthy 😁 But the July 1st event should be an interesting one, considering the IBM/Stellar rocky partnership!
  2. I couldn’t agree more with you, @herbdizzle. Great personality, great mind, great approach and possibly the best teacher we’ll ever have to interact with! Been busy all week and just caught up here. What an exciting syllabus, @BobWay!! I wanted to learn more about Ripple and XRP, and I’ll end up learning even more than I ever anticipated! I’m sure I can say this on everyone’s behalf, but we’re so grateful for everything you do for the community and beyond.
  3. Hello, Will be available any day except for Mondays and preferably between 19:00 and 22:00, London time too 🤗
  4. Hello, I hesitate between Option #2 and #3, but I think I’ll opt for #2 and see how it goes 🤗
  5. What better opportunity than taking part in this study group and learning from Bob Way! Hello everyone! I go by the name Kaloone and my Twitter handle is @Kaloone. I found myself on the most interesting path since last autumn, when DJ XRP introduced me to Ripple and XRP. I’m grateful for him as I realised how Ripple can and will most drastically improve the way we bank, on a global scale. Ever since, I’ve enjoyed my journey learning and teaching those around me and online. There is so much for me to learn still and yet I’m eagerly willing to absorb more. There is already an incredible cast participating in this group! How exciting to be standing here, amongst all of you. My first language is French and I live in the UK, UTC/GMT +1 hour. I’m camera shy but I’d be happy to contribute in any other way to not only reach and educate a French speaking audience, but also to distribute accurate content through translations for instance. As early adopters, this is an exciting time for us to live and to witness the world progressing towards the best cross-border solution. It’s an honour and privilege to be part of this study group. Thanks for having me. Kaloone.
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