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  1. Where are we actually going to share information? I'm actually struggling to navigate this chat and group? It's all over the place lol Will we be koving to another platform where it's easier to have chats on certain subjects and video calls/meetings? Like Zoom, Wired or a similar app.
  2. Hello Study Group, Scott here from Love For Crypto, I Run the LFC Instagram and Facebook pages @LoveForCrypto17 and also add daily videos regarding DLT, IoV, IoT and my general thoughts on where it's going to YouTube. I can also be reached on Twitter @ScottyPMedia We at Love For Crypto are hoping to reach English speaking people online globally and are looking to set up events locally to start with. Being in the UK we're currently on BST (British Summer Time GMT -1) I would love to be part of regional Teams and sharing the knowledge through different visions.
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