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  1. Hi everyone, my name is Leo (Leandro) and I'm from Brazil. I'm a graphic designer down here from around 20 years. I do 3D design and 3D animation for tv and internet. My intentions over Ripple and XRP are to spread the word RIPPLE and XRP to people over here. In Brazil, most of the people have heard about bitcoin but it is not common to see people that know about XRP, so that's why I'm ready to help those people to acquire knowledge on this thread. I need to get more in deep about ripple and xrp and no one is better to help me out as BOB WAY. I'm pretty sure I could help to expand the name XRP over here. I live in South Brazil in a place called CURITIBA. Down here I can see a lot of potentials to make my city the most crypto city in Brazil. Let's see how far we can go with Bob's help. Thank you so far and I hope we can meet each other on a round table having a nice cold beer.
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