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  1. Hi Bob, just starting to dig into the content. I like the direction you are going. One idea might be to create a group calendar with suggested meeting times that work for you/your-plan, then people can opt-in for times that work for them, or recommend a better time. This might enable you to get a read on whether most people are looking to contribute nights, weekends or other. From reading the intro posts, it sounds like most people have day jobs, and possible other commitments (IE. I'm always busy Monday & Wednesday nights with class). Some sort of calendar mapping might help teams gel organically - and help you identify a rotation schedule that works. At this point I am watching your vision come to life, as it evolves - meeting times, needs, etc...more will become clear. Until then, I have a lot of reading to do.
  2. Totally dig this. I developed my works (AllThingsXRP) with a similar population in mind. I am in Texas.
  3. Hello Everyone, my name is George @SincerelyGeorge on Twitter, as well as the person behind @AllThingsXRP (https://AllThingsXRP.com), and YouTube Channel by the same name. I am a Blockchain / Digital Asset enthusiast who wants to help people understand XRP. - XRP value proposition, use cases, system design / technology, Emerging implementations & how to get involved. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas and work in technology. I look forward to helping people understand XRP from a variety of perspectives. Bob- Thank you for bringing together this group of like minded people.
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