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  1. Hi everyone My name is Dan Rocky and I’m from Denmark. On social media’s you find me on Twitter with the handle @DanRocky Professional I have a background as IT developer, but today I’m working as Enterprise architect helping big organisations to transform their IT landscape to harvest business value from newest technologies Since I learned about Ripple and XRP in early 2017, I have been very fascinated with how well XRP works and how Ripple is developing the whole ecosystem with all the initiatives like xSpring. Since then, I have personally studied Ripple and XRP and have acquired a lot of knowledge. However, I want to know more, share my knowledge and be a lot more involved in the community. That’s why I want to be part of the study group. I’m in time zone CET and I would like to contribute by spreading knowledge and awareness about XRP/XRPL capabilities in Scandinavia where we have a very similar language, specifically Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Looking forward to meet you all
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