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  1. Hi AFutureInReverse.......Good job......Looks like things are going well. Is there anything I can help you with ?? I´m good with Session 2........but sometimes I could popin with Session 1. Is that allowable ??
  2. I am English but have lived most of my life in Angola/Brazil. Although never directly involved in charities, I have seen some excellent examples & other examples not so good. Anyway I am more of the line: Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime, which essentially translates into anticipate charity by preventing poverty. Of course even in oil rich Angola, the vast majority of the population are unemployed & below the poverty line. Over a beer with a friend, who works at Luanda airport, I learnt about a weekly flight that flies Brussels to Luanda, then flies on empty to Nairobi, loads up with flowers & then flies back to Brussels. This caught my attention: how can the economics of that work ?? Anyway I did some research & discovered that in Q1 2018 Kenya exported 480 million euros of flowers to Europe. The huge growth in Kenya´s flower industry is in the last 20 years. Angola barely produce enough flowers for internal consumption. Flowers are a serious component to Kenya´s GDP & employs thousands, really easy to check this out on Google. What I know is how to setup in Angola, access to good cheap land, current unemployment in this area is around 40%, with most people on or below the poverty line so abundant access to labour , electricity & unlimited water supply about 1 hour from the international airport & Luanda city centre (a population of over 6 million). What I don´t know is how to setup & operate a flower farm. Really need to find a flower engineer. So if you think this is interesting, please drop me a line peter@hps-angola.com.
  3. Hi AFutureInReverse......The spreadsheet you emailed me is good..........Cheers
  4. Hi AFutureInReverse......Maybe something like this...please feel free to alter....All times in UT.......00:00 is midnight, 12:00 is noon
  5. OK, please send what you have....If you can send it in UT time that´s even better.......Thanks
  6. Hi AFuterinReverse/XrPMaximus, I think the most important thing at the moment is to get this out to the group & gather the replies. Please go full steam ahead to get this out to the group.........We really need the repliies to start the ball rolling.
  7. Hi XRPMaximus....Nice job. I guess I´m missing something but I can´t find Select tab drop down and then select duplicate and rename tab to your name * ?? Do I just create a new sheet ?? It´s going to get messy when you have 50-60 spreadsheets, & the possibility of an accident to the table could easily occur. I thought it would be simpler, if everyone sent in their individual availability table & we collated the info. I don´t think we need the calandar at this point, as the study group is projected for up to 08 weeks, so we assume that the weekly availability is equal for that time period....Can be added later. Anyway as the data set if so small (60-80 people) across the world........ this is only to give a general idea to arrive at a consensus... BTW, GMT = UT (Universal Time) ...... For evetyone to convert to GMT/UT it´s useful to include the time conversion diagram .....Comments welcome.
  8. A improved example of the table is below, don´t even need the cell shading. This means one person is available at UT 03am on Mon, Tue, Sat & so on............
  9. Hi AFutureinReverse........Thanks for the offer of help....... I can only do this myself, if the group fills in the table with their UT availabilty, then it´s just a question of putting the individual availabilities together, & presenting the info for evatuation & decision. ......Unfortunately I can´t do it if I just get replies in text based on individual local times.......this model implies that each student is responsible to inform their availability in UT....Hopefully somebody will come up with a better solution.
  10. Just to get an overview of availability, how about this ?? Identify your availability in your local time & on the spreadsheet below register your availability based on the UT column. example; you might have more than one period available on any given day.
  11. Hi……My time zone is GMT +1……At startup, I´m available from UT 8am (08:00) to 10pm (22:00) please see table below:
  12. I´m good with the majority decision, but due to logistics down here. Really fundamental for me is to be able to watch recorded versions of previous sessions.
  13. Hi Bob…….I remember talking to a Cisco guy more than twenty years ago, who told me that the first client for Cisco IPTelephony was Cisco. Basically his boss told everybody that to sell it, you have to use it………. Leaders lead by example, which brings me to Ripple adoption. This year we have all seen a huge increase in trading pairs & the growth of acceptance in the retail market. Why don´t Ripple settle almost all their payments in XRP: salaries, hardware, software, third party contracts etc. The contracts can be in any fiat, but the settlement is in XRP. Probably in the first moment almost everybody will immediately just convert back to fiat. With over 300 employees, across the world in different countries & cultures, just the interaction between Ripple & the suppliers accounting department is priceless education. Suppliers accountants are going to get up to speed on settlement, security, & volatility in the blink of an eye. Surely this increases awareness & adoption is a very useful complement to just selling XRP OTC ?? Maybe Ripple are already implementing this policy, but it would be good to see a % of monthly operating costs settled with XRP on the Ripple stats site. With a current market cap of over $ 180B, imagine the adoption rate if the exchanges could be persuaded to elaborate supply contracts in fiat but settle only in crypto. The supplier can choose the crypto from the market leaders. Education & adoption skyrocket. It seems so basic, that I guess I must be way behind the 8 ball, so in this case I apologise, but on the youtube sites & blogs I have never seen, heard or read anybody mention or push this concept. With access to thousands of subscribers you could run a poll to see if investors/hodlers would prefer an exchange that settles its bills in crypto, all other conditions being equal, or even just ask CZ are you settling your operating costs in crypto ?? what % do you expect to settle in crypto by EOY ??
  14. Hi Everyone………I´m Peter Carr, from Liverpool, living in Luanda, Angola & Brazil. Languages: English / Portuguese Identifed on twitter: encrenca@encrenca14 West Africa Time Zone, GMT +1 Objective is to accelerate the adoption of Ripple/XRP in Angola.
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