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  1. hi everyone, I’m eyal I’m in the IT business i own a small company called "mitranix network services" located in north of Israel and provide IT and Cyber solutions for SMB company's i speak Hebrew and English. father, husband, and a family man. in my spare time i do some surfing I’m in crypto for almost 3 years started as a miner. my goal for this group is to figure out how we can bring XRP to the messes in Israel i know that in a global perspective we are very small in numbers but still. my time zone is (UTC+2:00) and can be found on twitter as: @mitranix and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eyal.mitrani.7 I’m pretty sure that if we can provide business a quick way to send and withdrew XRP to fiat and vice versa they will be more than happy to use it i know that some of my clients that have branches in India, Colombia, and Europe will be glad to use XRP as money transfer solution instead of swift. i hope to be a part of this group to learn and to contribute any way i can in this XRP ADVENTURE cheers eyal
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