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  1. Session 2 for me due to times working better in GMT but I'm good anytime really. Thanks guys👍
  2. Free anytime, GMT time 👍 Do we need to get set up on anything in particular for the video live streams
  3. Hey XRP family it is a privilege to be among you on this exciting endeavor..(sorry about the delay!) I'll start with thanks to Bob🤗 as I suffered a neurological injury riding a motorbike when I was teaching in Chiang Mai and Bob was nice enough to take the chance on me. I feel blessed as it seems(🤞 hopefully) like perfect timing as I am gradually coming into recovery with lots of positives to take from it. I will try to keep this brief as I've no idea how to articulate my desire to be involved in this group. I haven't been this excited about learning something new since,,, I can't remember but really looking forward to learn more about the XRP ledger and just generally joining you all on the cool XRP journey. So much so I may even set up my own YouTube channel😅. When you watch the Youtubers you can really appreciate how they all bring new perspectives and a variety of different viewpoints to the community. I'm sure whether we realize it ourselves or not we all have unique attributes to gift to the club no matter how minuscule they may seem. I often wish I had the knowledge Bob is prepared to pass on to us so that I can create, build on and share with as much people as possible to help them to grow, along with the ecosystem.(I must admit though, my knowledge of the ILP and XRPL is pretty low at the moment☺) I mainly speak English and Irish coming from Ireland but hoping to teach my friends in China, Russia and around the world, to assist in spreading the XRP love and knowledge around the world. My previous work experience is mainly in the financial sector on the Insurance side although I am being pushed towards the path of the creative 'crazy' entrepreneur now. I love to travel around the world, meet new people, play the guitar, sing, spiritual 'stuff' and coming up with creative ideas in the hope of changing the world for the better. Thank you again Bob Way and everyone for your time in reading this, looking forward to joining all of you on this exciting new XRP adventure🙏
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