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  1. I am not an American, but curious to know, if XRP would be deemed a security, is it then illegal for Americans to trade XRP on a foreign exchange? To deposit or withdraw at a foreign exchange seems to be not the problem .. Only that extra step, the act of trading which I wonder..
  2. It's basically market making. Say you expect the price to be X, then you put orders around X at X +/- $0.05, X +/- $0.1, X +/- $0.2 etc. Although the price is sometimes far off, it does sometimes happen that the orderbook is eaten all the way through this price. So, MM offers liquidity, but the more liquidity comes at the higher price I noticed that too. It seems it takes its data from https://data.ripple.com, which for some reason is a bit lagging. The transaction is not available there yet and hence it shows as 'not found'. Maybe someone from Ripple can look at it.
  3. who now your going to fast, what's the story about Jean-Jacques Rousseau? I'll start googling right-away :-)
  4. Utility of a token in that sense is not directly a price-driver, especially not if you compare the ODL volumes with the transaction volumes (the speculation) that we see in the overal XRP market (20 mln 24h ODL versus -according to coinmarketcap- 4.8 bln 24h trading volume). More important is what people think is fair price and that is highly subjective.
  5. well yes. But it's a culture thing you know.. The true conspiracy theorist would ask himself by whom will I let my brain washed today because let's face (the subjective) truth, your perception of the truth is as subjective as mine, it's merely a common sense thing to agree with a majority that something is or has become the truth I can highly recommend reading "HomoDeus: A Brief History of Tomorrow", where the concept of "Intersubjectivity" is explained as follows:
  6. But what does Eri say then? She merely says no cases are missing and the Ripple case is not there... Meaning the administration is in order
  7. The right order is: 1) sell the FLR you already have on Bitrue FLR->XRP (1000 FLR -> 561 XRP) 2) move XRP to Poloniex 3) on Poloniex sell XRP for USDT (561 XRP -> 168.3 USDT) 4) on Poloniex sell USDT for FLR (168.3 USDT -> 2552FLR) You now have more FLR than what you initially had on Bitrue. (You could also buy only the initial amount of FLR you had if you want to make some extra +/- 102 USDT). Your FLR is on Polo now instead of Bitrue, and that is where it will stay, until FLR network is up. Prices will level once Flare network is up (this arbitrage o
  8. lol, are you in dire need of money? You shouldn't pray for profits. You should make calculated decisions on basis of knowledge.
  9. somehow the link to the article is gone? Here is the link again: https://coingape.com/79369-2/ The article below was also good, with good interview with Gary Gensler (Oct 2018) : https://coingape.com/ex-cftc-chair-gary-gensler-poised-to-be-new-sec-lead/. I do think he demonstrates to have a very clear vision on the subject and from that point of view might be the right person to bring clarity to the space ...
  10. In light of DCEA (Brad would like to see it re-introduced) it is interesting to know that Gary Gensler former job was chair at CFTC. DCEA is designed to bridge the gaps between CFTC and SEC: source: https://www.cozen.com/news-resources/publications/2020/november-2020-blockchain-legislative-alert-fall-2020-legislative-developments
  11. The orderbook liquidity and AMM liquidity should stay seperate. But you could make the order taking synthetic (is that the right word?) When an order is placed in the orderbook or liquidity is changed in the AMM pool, it can be deterministically calculated if the trade is better matched on the orderbook or on the AMM or if orders in the orderbook are now matched with the values in the AMM. also, if (but for me it's still a big if) if combining AMM with an Oracle price would be better, than of course you can use the price as determined in the orderbook in the AMM
  12. This is definitely good to verify. From the documentation it seems clear, but good to check with someone from Flare if someone would really go through with it. Here is the relevant documentation: https://blog.flare.xyz/claiming-spark-faqs/
  13. Ah yes, so if I understand correct if one asset goes up in value, you buy back the difference in amount that you own that asset less. Sounds like a strategy that could work. It's only pretty expensive on Ethereum. But that would be not that much of a problem you could also buy back at Binance or so. But also, wouldn't you always buy at the premium price? Because once you spot that you have to buy some extra from an asset, the market price did already increase for that asset..
  14. I've heard about those, but imo if those would really work as proclaimed, they would put Uniswap instantly out of business (which has not happened). The money has to come from somewhere ... Do you have a maybe a link with some more info ?
  15. There is actually a way around it: When receiving the keypair, change the Flare receiving address to one of your own Change the address to use a new regular key that only you control disable the master key. Once you are at step 3, you are save :-)
  16. There is something called 'Impernanent Loss' that comes with AMM. The fact of the matter is, if you provide liquidity to an AAM, you invest equally in both assets. AMM does only allow you to take equal position between two assets and a big loss in the one asset will have its reflection on the other asset. (And of course vice versa for a profit). But I must say I am intrigued with the way they work. And in the end if both assets are on par again at what you started with, then you have no loss or win, and only the fees are added to your investment. My principle of market making is that
  17. I don't know what you got, but I got much, much more then wat I invested. So thanks for thinking that I deserved it
  18. Here is some more info on DCEA: https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=f4fe2384-af7f-425c-a7a6-06d899d4a302
  19. Brad G. mentioned DCEA in one of his tweets This is presumably the DCEA ? https://republicans-agriculture.house.gov/uploadedfiles/summary_of_the_digital_commodity_exchange_act_of_2020_final.pdf
  20. Well, look. Imagine I own XRP, I have it in my account. But if I send you some XRP, how can I proof that I no longer own that XRP? I can't proof it, unless you show that you own the account where I sent the XRP to ...
  21. This might be of help: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17_Wgo4iwGoPB1JenxD5fHtJ0HQYLpb669zaNemPojG4/edit#gid=0 The question which account belongs to who is pretty interesting. Imo one can only take ownership by acknowledging an account belongs to you. Once that is established dis-ownership can be deducted, but only if the receiving party (e.g. ripple-works) takes ownership of that new account..
  22. I am running primarily on wss://xrpl.ws (which actually is a set of multiple rippled servers). If it fails I jump to wss://s1.ripple.com or next, wss://s2.ripple.com. This works pretty well for me. Just make sure to catch and handle the errors because network errors and node hick-ups will definitely occur.
  23. It would be interesting to know if XRP will turn out to be a security, will FXRP also be a security? i.e. It is backed by a collateral of XRP, but it is not XRP itself...
  24. Nice idea, to have a DAO (running on Flare) govern the validators (the UNL) of the Ripple blockchain :-)
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