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  1. And look at CMC what's coming up now at #20? The 'Huobi Token' Live is like a box of chocolates
  2. You're not a simpleton, you're just not rich enough
  3. I'm trying to put into words why 'exit strategy' sounds weird to me. It is like if you do not really believe in XRP and that it is all speculation. If you rather have a fiat coin 'in the pocket' than a crypto, I think it is there that many people fail in the buy/sell rhetoric and loose overall. Try to see crypto as just another fiat. It can go up and go down, but in the end, if both have equal right to be in existence and have value, then it is ultimately the market that determines the equilibrium of price. You can trade on the swings and buy/sell on those, but think further. If you finally ma
  4. Do the 18 words work in this tool? https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005297709-Export-your-accounts (check the link bip39-standalone.html)
  5. Yes, true. As auto-bridging is also possible with AMM's I see the main advantage in the use of order books. We'll have to see if that is enough..
  6. The reason should be the same as to why people transfer their crypto on an exchange now. They want to trade their assets And with the advantage that RippleDEX is an exchange that is trustless/decentralized + it is an orderbook based DEX + it offers XRP autobridge functionality n.b. I have held other crypto's (BTC, ETH) on the XRPL for long time, as it felt save and I needed only to focus on keeping my XRP keys save. Of course it was not 100% save, those were IOU's from Bitstamp, Gatehub, etc. so there was centralization and trust needed. But if the IOU's are trustless, then it would
  7. your first transaction is on account of Coinbase. If they charge what we pay now for gas, I'd say $30,- but maybe they can do it cheaper for you your 2nd transaction is the swap. This is actually 2 transactions, first is the approval (mayb $6,-) for Uniswap to handle your ETH and then the trade ($30,-) then the 3rd transaction to the NEXO account, also $30. Prices are fluctuating and maybe to get a better feeling for it check 1inch.exchange, which is an aggregator. It will pick the cheapest price for you: https://1inch.exchange/#/ETH/NEXO and it also shows the expected fee (It s
  8. Timing is also an issue. Is it known when he sold vs when he hyped XRP on TV?
  9. Hi Brian, good to see you here again! Let me try to answer the questions: Ultimately someone from Ripple should answer this, but my opinion is that the XRPLedger should stay as lean as possible. You would have to add Oracle functionality, smart contract functionality etc.. It can be done and it probably will be done. At least AMM styled DEX. But not sure if a DEX with orderbooks is possible. The speed seems to be ok (+/- 4000 txps?) but it is more difficult to build an orderbook DEX with smart contracts (a-ka ethereums Solidity). XRPLedger is specialized and has it built-
  10. I think they want to be sure they get a response
  11. Actually I am not sure if Xumm wallet recognizes regular key. The thing is, if you import the regular key, it will search for the address that belongs to that key. That's why OP got the message it needed activation. But you don't need activation. It is the combination of address and regular private key that does it. Maybe in others words, the regular private key itself does not refer in any way to the address in question. But it is the address that holds a reference to the regular key. So you should be able to supply the address and the regular key in Xumm and I don't know it that i
  12. is that really 'the one'? The genesis ledger (32570) got 136 accounts with value: https://bithomp.com/genesis. The history is gone but interesting to know which one was really the first..
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