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  1. Bit harsh calling her a cyber bully isn’t it?
  2. Iv been looking into the price action of lots of coins trying to learn what to expect with xrp, and VET was at $8.46 ATH now at $0.007 could this happen to xrp, going back that low or have they come to far? also what caused such a crash in VET?
  3. I have no clue who Susie is?? So technically when all the xrp haters spout off about xrp never going up in price because it has too many coins on circulation....they are right? I’m confused, not that it’s hard for me (not the most switched on person)
  4. Im super happy with my investment, just get annoyed (through greed probably) that the price doesn't seem to correlate with the success they currently have. Or maybe it does and xrp doesn't need to be much higher, I don't know. I think with so many predictions of triple digits you can easily get carried away, and that I am now fully aware is what has happened to me, I fell hook line and sinker for the millionaires dream. However, From someone with only 1/10 of the knowledge that people have on here, I still believe $20 is achievable in the future.
  5. Lack of knowledge, seen my investment go from .13 up to the ATH then assumed it would continue to go up. More hope and greed I think mate.
  6. Il be honest with you, I thought I’d be in and out in 2 yrs max with my lovely profits. i was wrong on that but feel I’m still right on my investment if that makes sense? Just going to take maybe 10 more years to get where I wanted it.
  7. I’d probably read all my posts and you’ll realise I’m quite invested in xrp, I don’t spread fud. I ask genuine questions which all get top replies from the best informed members on here. Also they let me know if I’m ill informed on any of my information which I’m grateful for. It’s all good everyone saying there invested for the long term but let’s be honest here majority of us thought we would be in and out in 1-2yrs max. There just not as honest as I am. I only own xrp so of course I want price to skyrocket ASAP however I’m now learning that this really is going to be a long waiting game, oh well it’s not money I needed anyway.
  8. I have absolute no clue what this is meant to mean???
  9. I understand that mate as you did put theoretical, just wondering if it could happen. then I thought about it and actually, at $20k BTC, there was probably billionaires and multi millionaires made from that so my question is actually irrelevant as it’s been answered in real life.
  10. Now say that theoretical price of $1k per xrp came through. Would that not be one of the biggest shifts of wealth ever seen? thats $10million to accounts with just 10,000 xrp. Let alone those that have 100,000 xrp in there wallets as they would become worth 100 million. then there’s all the multi billionaires it would create. would the powers that be allow an influx of new millionaires, multi-multi millionaires and billionaires? I can see how this post looks like FUD but it’s not, I’m asking a genuine question.
  11. Your knowledge is second to non on xrp. I apologise for my sometimes ridiculous statements and questions, however without them i wouldnt have all this knowledge passed onto me. appreciate your patience and replies. I just need to remain positive over my investment.
  12. So is 100 billion coins actually classed as a limited supply with regard to what xrp is trying to achieve?
  13. So I imagine if this happens, the demand this creates will be the factor that drives up price?
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