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  1. Reputation of 3?? Ye il ignore this poor attempt at FUD
  2. What do you class as low end? Because 10,000 is the highest I’ve seen spoken about therefore 50-100 is relatively low in comparison 😬
  3. So are the NDA’s put in place as Ripple want to keep the price down? Im confused as to why if they are signed to use xrp then why aren’t ripple making a song and dance about it making others want to sign on as well? Surely this is price manipulation by Ripple? Starting to think there has been a fair few instances where ripple come across as quite a shady company now.
  4. UK mate. £130,000 for 3 bed terraced which rent out very well locally.
  5. 50k xrp should set you up nicely if we hit 25-50. that's 8-16 houses for me bringing in 6-12k a month. more than enough for me
  6. The beauty is, with that kind of time frame, we probably have 4-5yrs of buying below its ATH topping up our stacks. so swings and roundabouts
  7. would be amazing. I may be bing a little sceptical though maybe 25-50 is more likely
  8. I definitely find myself fudding my own bags. Easy to do when price does what it does though. Im still holding out for 100 per xrp by 2030 time will tell if I'm right or made a huge mistake
  9. I can never work out wether your invested or a hater 😂
  10. So do you support xrp or not? Like do you half any investment in it?
  11. How do you actually go from current price to “moon” when everyone constantly goes on about a stable price being required for the banks and institutions? Would it be a parabolic move over night to the required price then stay there? or would it get to say $10 and settle for a bit then $50 then settle for a bit then $100etc?
  12. My thoughts exactly, I could t honestly care less if they got to 10million per BTC as long as it puts xrp in the 3-4 digits.
  13. They sell from escrow monthly making themselves rich whilst us holders watch price go down and down 😂
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