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  1. I wanted to look at using smart contracts in order to help with confidence but I couldn’t find a solution. Instead I settled on a static FIAT contribution amount converted to a dynamic XRP that validated the prediction and set it as active only once the full contribution was received on the ledger. Sadly the verification of the target event occurrences have to be made manually using Binance; with the total XRPredict balance sent to the wallet address associated with the validated prediction once checked. By doing that ourselves we can triple check all transactions, orders, predictions and event occurrence times. We can’t think of any automated way to negate that. Looking forward to you predicting either for fun or to win.
  2. Why is it all self proposed ‘Anonymous hackers’ attempting to blackmail me through my email inbox for apparently masturbating on camera are all #BTC maxi’s. Surely they would profit more from demanding #XRP 😂
  3. Hi @1Ton as per our recent post HERE we made some fundamental changes to the idea based on advice from members of xrpchat and further market research. Two of those changes were: to reduce the XRP contribution from $5 to just $2. to reduce the target from $1 to $0.40 on Binance. As you can see from the ledger entries; the three contributions for predictions made at the higher rate for the higher target had to be refunded in full to reset the system. The members were then invited to remake new predictions of which one has so far. This is an entirely new concept, we had fully tested the system prior to launch on a private wallet. The one created for XRPredict to receive, store and payout the contributions is the one feature on the website. For transparency and confidence we had to keep it that way. We are not changing the wallet or indeed hiding ANY transactions from the ledger. Thank you for your question; I hope I’ve managed to address your query and you understand what has happened in the XRPL with regards to the transactions is a good thing. We look forward to welcoming your prediction with or without a contribution to the wallet pot.
  4. Thank you I shall do some more research. The free prediction is for fun only with no prize. The thing that makes it a game of skill rather than a lottery/sweepstake is the requirement to predict the event occurrence based on education and foresight. UK requirements are probably similar to the US in that the entrant must do something rather than nothing to warrant entry to the competition, i.e. answer a question, crossword or in the case of XRPredict.com; place a reasoned prediction of when an event will occur based on market performance. This is not gambling, there are no odds, the house gains nothing. If it does expand in magnitude and once established and trusted I will take legal advice. For now this is just an idea that I am hoping for interaction from the XRP community.
  5. Further to a recent suggestion for interest only predictions... We have added FREE predictions to our system! Come and place your free prediction for each target set. Remember: You may only place one FREE prediction per target and predictions without sending the $2.00 XRP Contribution will NOT be entitled to win the entire wallet contents if successful. Only the closest prediction with contribution will win.
  6. Further to a recent suggestion for interest only predictions... We have added FREE predictions to our system! Come and place your free prediction for each target set. Remember: You may only place one FREE prediction per target and predictions without sending the $2.00 XRP Contribution will NOT be entitled to win the entire wallet contents if successful. Only the closest prediction with contribution will win.
  7. We have added this facility, feel free to place your free prediction for each target set - remember you may only place one FREE prediction per target and predictions without sending the $2.00 XRP Contribution will NOT be entitled to win the entire wallet contents if successful. Only the closest prediction with contribution will win.
  8. See @xrp_sea this is a constructive reply. That’s a really good idea. The system could allow anyone to predict but have the option to contribute to the pot for a chance of getting something extra for getting it right. The closest ‘paying prediction’ wins the wallet but all predictions are logged and displayed. Free predictions would have to be limited to one per person though! Im definitely going to play about with this one. Impressed. Thank you, if I do add that function I’ll be sure to let you know. 👍
  9. Oh it does make me laugh when you can’t even tell the time! This post was created BEFORE that one! Heavily criticised? Yes as well as positive, there were a few negative comments over the idea but most were supported by reasoning unlike your sweeping statement, if you would be so kind as to elaborate on your thinking maybe I can address your concerns in an equally constructive way. Your voice wasn’t heard on that thread and your repeated unsubstantiated cry on here carries no meat either really does it? I would invite everyone to check out everything surrounding a project before joining in; even for $2 worth of XRP. I’m sorry, maybe you have been scammed in the past, most of us have been at some point, but in your case when you can’t even read the time on a post; I’m not surprised. Do some research and contribute usefully to this forum or just don’t bother commenting!
  10. ??? Was that in response to my post? Is this in response to @ripplewaytogo? Im lost...
  11. No problem. I’m really pleased you took the time to be so comprehensive. Yes it is a hard project to inject confidence into. Should be a fun thing though. Hence why we have lowered the target amount to allow for more frequent payouts, thereby showing integrity, transparency and stability. XRPchat have been kind enough to add the site to their links page and with the recent changes prompted by your investigation I’m hoping for a kickstart! i think with the market so stagnant and stuck below $0.40 there was no way people would currently predict a $1.00 target. Plus as pointed out; $5 may be a punt too far, especially if you are guessing rather than predicting based on prospect. Thanks for your efforts. Keep checking in on us!
  12. Thanks for your feedback much appreciated. Have made some fundamental changes based on yours and other comments. Please see HERE
  13. Thanks. Made some major changes thanks to feedback on this thread!
  14. Further to some additional market research and advice from here; we have changed some fundamental criteria on the website to help with compliance, confidence and interaction. We have changed the verification for the current target to: the XRP in USD value on the Binance We have reduced the cost of one prediction to just $2.00 from $5.00 We have raised the limit on the amount of predictions you can make from 10 to 50. We have also reduced the Current Target to $0.40 due to the slow market. Moving forwards we wish to set the current target at a more attainable level to allow more interaction and frequent payouts. We have reduced the prediction restriction from 7 days to just 24 hours to entice further predictions closer to the target amount. Minor changes to the website including the Tour and Backend. We have refunded in full the predictions made at the $5.00 value. The ledger reflects this. We look forward to welcoming you again at XRPredict, we hope that your next prediction is a lucky one!
  15. Loving the GIF - Am trying to build something FUN, what would you suggest? Is $5.00 too steep? Maybe that is a little rich, I will have a think. I have some changes afoot and that might be a good one!
  16. Seems that way, I had a good idea but rushed it, always learning...
  17. Thank you for pointing this out - I have rectified the benchmark as XRP value in USD on Binance as you suggest - HERE
  18. Yes I have been told that, It was my assumption, a bad one! I have a more reliable source for the value of XRP in USD to use on Binance now!
  19. I was kind of asking for some constructive help with the idea @at3n has been the most helpful so far - I understand your concerns. I shall address them and try to find some solutions to help with confidence - what do you suggest???
  20. This did make me chuckle! Trying to generate something fun for the XRP community myself!
  21. Thank you for drawing my attention to these issues, I hadn't quite thought it through had I? I shall make the required changes, this is legitimate I have every intention of making this site a success. I just assumed that Binance had an XRP/USD trading pair that I would be able to grab the time from that XRP value exceeded $1.00. This would be the verification I needed to award the winner with the returns before setting the next target! I shall change the trading pair to the amount on the Binance information page and update my links. I am glad you like my graphics and web design. The idea was to inject a bit of FUN into predicting when the value of XRP exceeded a specific target (I really appreciate you taking the time to assess my website and idea but the idea of making it look sensational is kind of the point). Obviously with a new concept I couldn't put reviews on from people that had predicted, I had to ask opinion and have done so hence there are only 3 reviews of the idea! I shall remove these until I have enough footflow to warrant the social media pages. Thanks. The idea of XRPredict is to operated WITHOUT profit. Therefore our company is purely for identification purposes. XRPredict is just a non-profit trading name. I can change it for an operating company in due course to make you feel better. Thank you sooo much for the honest feedback I hope to make it a success. The idea I am hoping is a good one and has generated a few people predicting. I accept that maybe the execution required a little more thought!
  22. Here is our new website - An entirely new and transparent concept, XRPredict allows you to choose a date and time window when you think the value of XRP will reach the next target on Binance XRPredict.com Are you good at reading the market? Come and place your predictions, your entire XRP contribution ($2 worth) will be added to the pot and if you are right you will win 100% of everyones contributions. This is a non-profit website featuring a skill based, competition. All transactions to and from the cold wallet are visible on the XRP ledger.
  23. XRP-Woocommerce is the way forward by Jesper Wallin and Jens Twesmann. It's awesome, works everso well - We are using it on XRPredict.com and have been really happy with the system. There have been a few bugs along the way but all ironed out now I hope...
  24. It really has been a long bear market huh? I have never had the benefits of seeing a bull market, we bought in mid 2018 and gradually bought more as the market fell in order to increase our average. Soooo looking forward to watching XRP rise in Dollar$ not cents...
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