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  1. “Today, when you are moving money, say from San Francisco to Paris, it’s literally faster to buy an airplane ticket to fly it over there than it is to use the corresponding banking system”
  2. Ha ha yes, called several times ( even using a local number ) emails too. LOL
  3. I was surprised how fast eToro was in regards to refunding the remaining cash. From close to showing up in my bank account was 72 hours. Not bad
  4. Thank you, all my crypto accounts have been liquidated. Wish you all the best.
  5. I have never used the virtual portfolio. I was a platinum ++ member until last week. I dont now why I'm gold as I have zero holding in eToro now. Correct would be standard member.
  6. Starting the weekend with selling all my XRP positions. XRP has been the biggest wet blanket in all my years of trading. Never again. $75K out the window. Take care gentlemen.
  7. The pump we see now are Brits finally discovering XRP for the first time !
  8. Yikes, Q2 and we are still 17cents. Apparently my @Chewiecoin strategy is not working!
  9. I respect your input. Let's hope for the best.
  10. When we start to see 10K dead in NYC alone, fatalities all around Hoboken, loved ones gone in Trenton this will indeed come together prefect storm vice bring down the marked, crashing crypto as well. Every retail investor will aim for all cash. Keep in mind we just saw the biggest One-Day Point Losses in Dow Jones History!
  11. Down 80K, not buying anything any time soon!
  12. There is absolutely no way we will drop down from our current level of 32c! Its all upwards from here. Claiming we will drop is pure FUD. I see us in the mid $.40 by Friday.
  13. September 2018 : 70 cents June 2019: 50 cents February 2020 : 32 cents In 8 or 9 months we will probably see a new high that is lower than 32 cents.
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