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  1. Yikes, Q2 and we are still 17cents. Apparently my @Chewiecoin strategy is not working!
  2. When we start to see 10K dead in NYC alone, fatalities all around Hoboken, loved ones gone in Trenton this will indeed come together prefect storm vice bring down the marked, crashing crypto as well. Every retail investor will aim for all cash. Keep in mind we just saw the biggest One-Day Point Losses in Dow Jones History!
  3. Down 80K, not buying anything any time soon!
  4. There is absolutely no way we will drop down from our current level of 32c! Its all upwards from here. Claiming we will drop is pure FUD. I see us in the mid $.40 by Friday.
  5. Wow this is quite funny:) how many clowns are going to try this? Who wants to get in on random predictions in your inbox pm me. @PhiGuy & @Chewiecoin have failed absolutely every prediction they have managed to muster! It blows my mind that anyone can take these guys serious.
  6. Such important information OP would be well within his rights to charge (big) money to disclose such vital intel regarding future profits!! Suggested retail value per PM is set to $149.99.- Paypal friends / family - no note!
  7. Please exclude me from any PM /DM / Skype / Signal going forward!
  8. September 2018 : 70 cents June 2019: 50 cents February 2020 : 32 cents In 8 or 9 months we will probably see a new high that is lower than 32 cents.
  9. Imagine all the massive buy order we would see at sub 10cents. I would argue that 5 cents is a very healthy level for XRP now after this years parabolic run. Next cycle we might hit 20 cents and retract back to 1 cent. I.e you will probably double your money with XRP buying at 10 & selling at 20.
  10. Dear C31 I have great practice in ignoring it. I even have days where dont check the price -or even log on to my exchange account. I can live with losing $100K but is a lot of beer money. I would love to see see some returns on the prinsipal amount and when we see a drop like today the swing are like a punch in the face. The most important thing we can do is to keep the positive sentimental going despite dips.
  11. Tiny , I'm exaggerating in my reply to the sub 20cents post, but yes the swings are hefty with over $100K invested in XRP alone.
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