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  1. Dear Eric BTC6K would catastrophic! ...and a tad bit of scuttling by CL!
  2. We are up 6% and XRP keep going like a bat outa hell.
  3. Im doing OK, hope you are too with your 760XRPs
  4. Educate yourself and look at some charts showing support and resistances!
  5. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-08-16/bitcoin-is-posting-its-biggest-weekly-decline-since-november
  6. Very nice buying opportunities now, sub 26 and dropping! This is your chance.
  7. I just added to my stack below 30cents. This is a great time in crypto.
  8. They are on tour and give financial advice and what crypto invest in. Their ticket are surprisingly expensive whereas XRP is cheap.
  9. If you like a joke read up on @Chewiecoin posts!
  10. This is a very healthy drop! Its also an excellent buying opportunity on our way sub 30 cents
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