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  1. I have buy orders set as high as 14 cents! For sure we will be lucky enough to see sub $ .15c going forward / EOY.
  2. The best to answer this must be @Chewiecoin ! I see he is very prominent over there.
  3. No need to argue gentlemen. We are green across the board. Hopefully we are back shortly.
  4. This is like a Black Friday sale all week. Load up now.
  5. "Garlinghouse feel strongly about the housing problem as many are in the poorhouse after investing in XRP"
  6. Just made a nice trade. I have set buy orders for 19, 16 & 14 cents as well.
  7. This is our last chance to accumulate before takeoff ! #utility
  8. On 11/3/2018 at 9:55 AM, Blubber said: Not a chance - lucky to see $1 by EOY 2019 - very lucky. YOU: Oh please.... Still feel the same way?
  9. It was always the director of "Hoe ik mijn moeder vermoordde"
  10. That is a very handsome prediction Eric, I f...ing love it! Let's hang in there a litte while longer BMs.
  11. Ripple will support the innovation of Iran and if XRP had been used it would have been harder for Russia to interference with the election #Trump
  12. Don't worry, log off, forget your investment, revisit XRP next summer.
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