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  1. Dear C31 I have great practice in ignoring it. I even have days where dont check the price -or even log on to my exchange account. I can live with losing $100K but is a lot of beer money. I would love to see see some returns on the prinsipal amount and when we see a drop like today the swing are like a punch in the face. The most important thing we can do is to keep the positive sentimental going despite dips.
  2. Tiny , I'm exaggerating in my reply to the sub 20cents post, but yes the swings are hefty with over $100K invested in XRP alone.
  3. Why are investors calling it "healthy" when the price drops? Oh my investment just dropped 16% in red " That is very healthy bro, chill" I just lost $3136 in 30 min " super healthy my man" This huge pullback is healthy, we need it. Wish we saw more pullbacks. Sounds like my PT
  4. Many new XRP / Crypto traders are hoping to get (back)in at 1 cents. Praying to God for a pullback, a drop to single digits. I get it. With the insane drop we are seeing now maybe your wishes will be granted... Investors like myself are bleeding to death.
  5. No offense but there are so many imbeciles in crypto space getting weak at the knees when someone proclaimed "inverse hand and shoulders" and uncritically opens up their wallets for the taking. Hayes is a crock and a scammer, but smarter than the Bitcoin-Fund-Manager and the likes if him.
  6. I will need 77.cents just to break even. Not many people on this forum with an average that high.
  7. @Chewiecoin "So when do I admit I made the right decision . . . . Immediately after I first invested and every day since" Do you feel we will hit $100 in the upcoming predicted bullrun ?
  8. 27cents have proven to be a solid resistance point! Im happy to set basecamp here before aiming for new heights.
  9. Its been a fun day! Lets hope the momentum continues.
  10. I have started to contemplate what to do with my (huge) XRP profits.
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