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  1. I've been trying to withdraw my small amount of XRP from gatehub for weeks now. Support emails remain unanswered. I just attempted to send my xrp to this address: rPq5TH3KyfRVFGtLtEACUkorjxqpuiM37y and I get the following error: Error tecUNFUNDED_PAYMENT Insufficient XRP balance to send. I made very sure the amount was smaller than my available balance, and it is reducing my available balance by the transaction fee each attempt.
  2. I very much appreciate your effort to help, even if it didn't work. Right now I've got a sell order to sell the BTC for XRP for what seems a fair price. I'll see how that goes. I noticed XRP seems to have exploded overnight.
  3. changelly requires me to send them the BTC. The problem is Gatehub won't let me send out BTC. If it did I wouldn't be having this problem.
  4. Attempting to "exchange" the 0.0363478 BTC from Snapswap results in "You will get exactly $22.76" I'm not doing that because at today's USD/BTC price of about $1850 I should get around $67. So $22.76 is nowhere close to a fair price. Other options such as XRP seem just as funky.
  5. Thanks for the reply, but where do I find Changelly or Shapeshift? There doesn't seem to be an option for those anywhere that I can find. Yea, you'll probably have to hold my hand and walk me through it.... :-( As stated above, I REALLY just want to convert everything in my wallet to BTC and send it out and close the account.
  6. So I've started a sell transaction for XRP, but I would REALLY rather just transfer BTC out. Is there a way I can do that once I get the XRP? I want to get everything out of my account and close it.
  7. I hope someone here can help. I've been trying to withdraw BTC from my Gatehub account for a few days and I've contacted Gatehub support, all to no avail. I have an account on Gatehub and my primary wallet specifies I have 49.9608 XRP in it, and 0.0363 BTC in a 'trustline'(?) called SnapSwap. (See the attached jpg.) I want to withdraw all the BTC to an external BTC address. It seems I need to get the BTC out of the SnapSwap trustline and into where? so I can send it out. I've created a contact with my BTC address so I can select that under "Send Payment", but when I specify the amount of BTC it says my account has insufficient funds or the receiver doesn't accept BTC. So how do I get my BTC to a place where I can send it out? Thanks,
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