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  1. Going to go ahead and say this is still in action, would be awesome to break through the upside in a few days!
  2. Whether the triangle itself is worth the bread it’s spread on idk. Kind of fighting to stay within it though
  3. Energy is energy. Don’t start using that renewable shite. Obviously he isn’t getting out because of said deficiencies though, they are cashing in having played the market.
  4. What do you lot think about these 1D and 1W charts? The below is obviously showing the length of time we are through this triangle, puts us around 70% through it, 80 is often about where they break one way or another
  5. Absolutely no buy pressure at the moment, struggling we are
  6. Yep, strange amount of joy out of this thread, keep smiling just thinking about it 😂
  7. Yet another rejection. Need to keep up the pressure
  8. Last I read HBAR was still completely centralised. Not that the space gives an f
  9. I personally am on the fin, heard of the ‘holy trinity’ hah, might start in the minox soon. Been on the fin for 10 or so months now.
  10. I don’t need the money but it would just be a bit debilitating if the bull market was done. I agree I don’t actually think it has ended yet and was expecting it to run late into the year. chances are I will just leave it all and see what happens 😂
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