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  1. Dreaming is all that would be. Nevertheless I’ll dream
  2. I know man, you were quick to call me out as insulting you but likewise all I did was read your comment wrong. I should have known had I paid attention to your karma. It’s all good my end and I am in complete agreement regards to the liquidity and martlet making, it’s just just starting and is going to take plenty of time
  3. Oh I’ve been around long enough, mid 2017.. just not around long enough to be able to decipher through text on a screen what is sarcasm and what isn’t, so pleease, forgive me. Theres still enough people using that term seriously, as you well know so there we have it.
  4. That last sentence sounds very much like either you are impatient or do not understand the mechanisms for building new markets... or both.
  5. Can you show me where you see this because I don’t? Thanks
  6. Wooooow, not sure what happened but my graph was showing CRP at .32 for ages, now saying .29, yep it’s lagging
  7. Hahaha, night and day this elast two comments. BTC is doing its thing, nothing is keeping up edit: XRP was doing good all day anyway so it’s up on the 24Hr anyway compared. Don’t fret man
  8. Just know what goes up must come down (when it’s up like this)
  9. So far so good on both charts. Hotting up nicely is XRP
  10. That’s a 1D chart, and yes, technically it is overbought as the picture shows.
  11. Not sure why but so will I just looking actually, volume dropped off a touch with a slight rise in price, maybe exhausted sellers?
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