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  1. Yep, straight through that in the end... .26 next and fingers crossed edit: disturbingly so on a direct increase in volume
  2. Looks like it’s done what you said at the moment, nice recovery so far!
  3. 3 or 4 cent triangle not long from completion, not claiming to know anything here, is this legit?
  4. Looks like we see a bit of upward movement, emphasis on ‘bit’
  5. This does not make any sense. If they never wanted to handle larger paymentS why did they? This is most likely a liquidity problem, those payments cannot be handled when Ripple thought they that would be possible by now. It clearly isn’t and it’s scaled back and they are changing/moving the narrative to fit.
  6. I’d definitely say we are still crawling, albeit an accomplished one
  7. No consolidation going on here, up just not so fast. Shocked honestly. What 3 years of disappointed has done to me, I don’t believe it anymore 😂
  8. Am I seeing a giant bull flag? edit: not giant, but big anyway
  9. I’m watching the prices but can I please see a chart with the RSI’s on etc please? Not got that to hand at the moment. wondering whether to USDT or sell part right now. It does like parabolic but everything else has been similar for longer, we are just playing catch up and technically speaking haven’t nearly caught up
  10. I agree Q1 will be more of a decider, hence why I said the biggest to date.
  11. Well, it’s going to be out any day now and personally I think to date this will be the biggest sign of whether this is going to go well or not. Maybe too early either way but I’m nervous. price isn’t reflected regardless imo but still it does unnerve me. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully a very positive earnings call!!
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