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  1. Didn’t mean it cynically pal, probably read like that though. No offence I love Scotland 👌🏼
  2. I need to know pal, where in the UK you from, crack me up you do haha
  3. Who knows, only 7 hours and we’ll find out so no need for speculation on this one
  4. Just dipped in to buy more after mulling over it for best part of 2 weeks, see where the market heads and grab more in the coming days. 10-15% cheaper on what I was gonna get
  5. You have said it a few times recently, final capitulation?
  6. You sir have been on the money god week with this latest retracement. Eyes are peeled!!
  7. Yeah used Uphold when it first came around for BTC, the deposit % isn’t too friendly though.
  8. I’ll start off by saying I know this may not fall under the correct section however this is by far the most active topic and I could do with a reply asap. The question going out is to anyone who has used Binance Jersey from England, depositing GBP. It is my understand that I should just be able to pay the funds via bank transfer since it’s a UK bank however I’m given all the info such as IBAN. I don’t see why I would get that and therefore am curious as to whether I’ll still have to do a SEPA transfer as apposed to an easy bank transfer. If so the bank fees are like £20 and defeats the object of my trying to use a free deposit service with binance. Any and all help appreciated, and suggestions of where I get get lowest overall purchase fees from fiat > XRP. (Ps I’m actually no beginner but my trusted avenues through CB Pro are not viable right now and I’m hestotant to go through Revolut) <this May still be best bet
  9. Correct you are, didn’t pay enough attention to see that last candle.
  10. This was the volume from Bitso Oct 3rd, overall volume at the time, and price.
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