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  1. Sweeet. Hopefully even more leverage. Come also mean absolutely nothing. Let’s hope it turns more cogs
  2. Ascending triangle about to close on XRP chart
  3. You want VirgoMoonChat. @Pablo unrelated content to this forum.
  4. @BarnBuilder nobody want to hear it because it’s not bullish, that’s the only reason. I want to hear it because it represents a point in which now may be a good time to lock in some profit, it would hurt to sell some now since it was nearly $2 not so long ago, but it would hurt a lot more seeing another 50% wiped off
  5. I forgot about this, it’s been very interesting to follow this whole thing from over in the UK. It’s a bit of a mess to say the least and I dream of the day it’s sealed off and hopefully XRP and Ripple can begin to thrive.
  6. You are still calling a ~400k top right @Eric123?
  7. Wishful thinking, there’s really not going to be much happening later, nevermind something that would sling shot us.
  8. When talking about breaking out of a range/triangle or similar area yes it’s exciting. Proper dead you are
  9. Fairly chuffed with myself for calling this 5 or so days ago.
  10. I mean it’s still climbing fairly fast so I’d say we are through it now! Just to keep it going
  11. Not quite, I mean I drew those lines and they won’t be accurate to a tee so a bigger candle through this area would confirm it
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