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  1. I’d definitely say we are still crawling, albeit an accomplished one
  2. No consolidation going on here, up just not so fast. Shocked honestly. What 3 years of disappointed has done to me, I don’t believe it anymore 😂
  3. Am I seeing a giant bull flag? edit: not giant, but big anyway
  4. I’m watching the prices but can I please see a chart with the RSI’s on etc please? Not got that to hand at the moment. wondering whether to USDT or sell part right now. It does like parabolic but everything else has been similar for longer, we are just playing catch up and technically speaking haven’t nearly caught up
  5. I agree Q1 will be more of a decider, hence why I said the biggest to date.
  6. Well, it’s going to be out any day now and personally I think to date this will be the biggest sign of whether this is going to go well or not. Maybe too early either way but I’m nervous. price isn’t reflected regardless imo but still it does unnerve me. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully a very positive earnings call!!
  7. Stunning work ok this, going way back to mid last year!! i do recall XRP being said to be Sharia compliant too. I’ll try dig that edit:if the second round of tweets by said exchange are snythingg to go by then it is compliant https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.xrparcade.com/news/xrp-is-sharia-compliant/amp/
  8. Throttled? You use this term how? The way it’s said here followed by what you said has negative connotations. Edit: I made this 29 > 34 increase today too, posted on Reddit. I do not recall previous weeks either but let’s see if you are correct also 👍🏼
  9. Dreaming is all that would be. Nevertheless I’ll dream
  10. I know man, you were quick to call me out as insulting you but likewise all I did was read your comment wrong. I should have known had I paid attention to your karma. It’s all good my end and I am in complete agreement regards to the liquidity and martlet making, it’s just just starting and is going to take plenty of time
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