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  1. It does NOT look clever right now, tensions, maligned priorities. Maybe an overreaction but this is the worst I have felt about the XRPL since I got in late 2017. we NEED to come out the other side of this fairly unscathed and far stronger than before.
  2. Just to add to this, a visual representation of the issues for those who prefer to see it more plainly. I do wish this wasn’t the case as it feels like we are at the start on the network launch with problems like this, however it shows that finally we might be seeing a bit of network adoption. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/metrics
  3. Baka is out of the woodwork! How do matey? Hope you are doing well
  4. Who ever said the market doesn’t move in straight lines?
  5. If we are to continue moving upwards on a macro, where is the next ‘stop’ for the downtrend?
  6. For sure there has to be a bit from both sides as it says in Ripples statement. Has to be moulded from within, with outside input.
  7. As much as I like what Ripple is trying to do, I just can’t see a way in which their proposal will form a strong basis to whatever regulation comes in. US gov will want to do it their way surely?
  8. I am just about to read through this now, not expecting anything particularly new but thought I would share anyway. https://ripple.com/insights/a-real-approach-to-cryptocurrency-regulation/
  9. Love this one earlier ahh seems to be deleted
  10. Only really convincing argument I’ve seen with explanation is BCB’s with 10-13$. crypto always surprises to the upside and downside however. $10–15 seems nice, if all SEC stuff falls into place at the right time and we see an influx to a crypto like never before due to some clarity we could see $20+ even
  11. You may well be right my friend. The next few days will be telling. Either look away or stay locked in.
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