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  1. nothing to see. Just FUD stirred up by BTC maximalists because they know XRP is a real threat to their #1 spot soon. Here is why FUD doesn't matter 1. 3 production contracts PER WEEK 2. new corridors for Xrapid/XRP that are being announced very soon. Not sure why people gobble up this FUD so much. Nothing in crypto is growing at this clip, you have to be crazy to continue to look at price/FUD and not see what is coming in the near future.
  2. I had to create a login to reply about how ignorant this post is. The simple answer. You DON'T value most digital assets like an equity with a market cap. Digital assets act more like currencies or commodities. Market cap is non-existent with currencies or commodities. Even the market cap of gold is just an estimated number since gold is continually being mined and/or consumed in economic activity. XRP is in no way tied to Ripple's revenues nor will it ever be. Market cap within the crypto space is only a thing because a lot of cryptos have fixed supplies which is just a metric that people apply in terms of relative comparisons to other coins. It has somewhat of a correlation to volume/liquidity. These posts are just cringe worthy.
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