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  1. I think this became something bigger than it should've been frankly and I lost a ton of money if not all buying in a while ago. One has to trust management and their words, their Tweets, their interviews. That is poor form right now. Consider this the jelly manifesto: As it stands there cannot be a single major public figure who pronounces XRP as a 'use case'. Is this conspiracy, is it hopium, we just don't know. Pivoting a PB and J sandwich is tough to do but you can do it. Do you want Strawberry Jelly with that Peanut Butter or Peach Jelly with that Peanut Butter, or let's switch the Peanut Butter around and do Almond Butter now with your Grape Jelly. Retail is being bled, public trust is being lost, greed is not good, and for a payments system meant to improve the world, it looks like a system meant to speed up wealth intake in my opinion. Don't even start with the people who can't afford the piece of bread to make the sandwich. Something has been taken from the world, not because of my bad investment decision, something of efficiency; that is now up for debate.
  2. People also assume because R3 received whatever amount of XRP they did, they are automatically integrating XRP. There was money on the line there, a lot of it. That's probably, I'm guessing, why they wanted the XRP first and foremost. R3 may do more than just integrate it as an option at some point but I didn't see the settlement as 'now everything's running on XRP'. This innuendo stuff has been going on forever, it's actually bizarre. I still have no idea what the hell's going on and it has nothing to do with paying a nanosecond of attention to the Twitter hopium zeroes.
  3. I agree, they're not going to burn the supply nor should they. Low supply coins, like 10M and under have some issues too. Design isn't everything, usage and timing certainly are. What they should do is get rid of a segment of founder supply as soon as possible - I don't have an issue with CL selling 300M this year or whatever he did, but if 5-7B are left out of 9B (? - which we don't know; at one point I thought he pledged his total to charity which was part of the Jed back and forth) --- if that much is left, this is going to take forever. And if xRapid starts up and this price is still held down by 10B+ founder supply coupled with escrow - then - there's a real problem. Because at that point there wouldn't be a metric to gauge price appreciation. That's why donating it to the IMF or UN or straight to Central Banks or maybe even a new financial authority we don't know about yet or all of the above, is the middleground between just burning the asset and carrying on founder selling coupled with escrow. Miguel stays rightfully behind the scenes; I'm assuming he and a team beyond just Ripple have a reason for the current design of distribution. The question becomes, is it working, and since we will never know the timeline of the cohesive strategy, is retail just going to be bled out of this?
  4. Wouldn't the inputs though with 2016 be completely different from 2019 basis escrow? The buying volume ratio is lowering because XRP is dumping. That's why the retail dried up, because it can't handle every month.
  5. I don't know sometimes people like @Graine make that announcement and it speaks.
  6. In my opinion they have pivoted away from that world reserve 'currency' goal. This is a 2017 Insights quote, and remember xRapid didn't exist until Spring 2017. I don't think they would use that terminology in July 2019.
  7. At 2:05 he used 'level playing field' during a 2017 interview talking about balanced trade deals. There's something bigger being insinuated. Which is probably why the MGI Chinese company purchase was rejected last year. My point is the level playing field - seems to me - to signify the intention of cleaning up the digital asset space first before banks and MSBs are operating on the same clean football field. To me less about business model competition, and more about international competition and the price metrics so far in different assets that has caused such a difficult navigation.
  8. We still don't know what he meant by level playing field. Out of all the possibilities, XRP is down the list. I would guess he was talking about 'inflated' price metrics, which we know XRP doesn't have.
  9. This is going to be fun watching these names roll out. SWFs? Btw, another example structure of a Board of Directors as well as an Advisory Board: https://www.bis.org/about/board.htm?m=1|2|2 https://www.bis.org/fsi/adv_board.htm (Financial Stability Institute is part of BIS - The FSI Advisory Board provides 'strategic' advice) 15 cents by Monday.
  10. At 1:09 Powell has 2021: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4806490/fed-failing-outdo-bitcoin-5-years Which I've been thinking about XRP price. Does it make sense to have a faster payment system based on a bridge asset with trillions in liquidity already and a much higher XRP price or is it chicken egg? Can XRP have trillions in liquidity without the system up and running first?
  11. I'm all in on @tar. I have buys set at .22. But my analysis isn't TA; it's July 29 tether court with NYAG.
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