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  1. So since toast is shutting down, can I withdraw my 20 locked XRP? Not that its worth anything...
  2. well, consider how many people got sucked into the crypto space during the boom of 2017/18. Yes, I guess I am damn uneducated when it comes to all these topics. Fomo can be a *****. I don't read all the articles and neither do I try do dig deeper, because I simply don't have the time for that. Stop acting so elitist, pretending everyone buying XRP did a shitton of research. Because I didn't.
  3. Been a lurker here since some time, just felt the need to make an account to post here, because I am really scared by this. I wasn't aware of TransferWise until now and damn they seem to deliver a good service. Their customer base seems to be rising pretty fast. I hope someone here can comfort me right now by telling me why this isn't an XRP killer.
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