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  1. The main problem for Ripple is that they were too ahead of their time. Banks are not going to quickly adopt a better solution to a problem, even when the solution saves them money. (David Schwartz mentioned this conclusion over twitter.) Banks are notoriously conservative and resistant to change. Ripple needs to pivot, which is what they are doing. But while Ripple has failed to gain bank adoption, other blockchain fintech solutions have appeared, endangering XRP's adoption prospects further. Bottom line: Don't expect XRP to moon any time soon. So far, banks like Ripple, but not XRP. By
  2. I enjoy the recaps too. Very useful. But I don't get to hear, "Hey, hey everybody!"... So I have to watch the videos too.
  3. Kinda sad that we have to recycle old news to stay positive. The community has two extremes, bearable hopium and 2017 nostalgia... In-between is a graveyard of lost dreams, too terrifying to face.
  4. $9 in 2020 is wishful thinking IMHO. I don't see BTC breaking $20,000 this year. I expect it to top at $15,000. 2021 is when I expect BTC to pass $20,000. We are still in the beginning of a multi-year bullrun. $3,200 was the BTC bottom. The frenzy that everyone remembers from 2017 came at the end of a bullrun. This one is just beginning. My prediction is that XRP remains under $1 in 2020.
  5. I am sold on David, but not Brad. Ripple needs someone like Ray Kroc. Brad is too damn nice. Ripple needs a psychopath at the helm. It's going to take a ruthless psychopath to convince banks to use XRP.
  6. Ripple struggles to attract top talent, so associating the company with these famous entities puts them in a favorable light. It's a strategic purchase.
  7. I also feel this way. By the time the regulations are finally in place, Ripple's technology and head start might be irrelevant. Ripple's push for change helps future solutions from other entities, solutions which might eclipse the usefulness of what Ripple currently offers.
  8. Free fall might be good because it would spur Ripple to do more self-examination. Schwartz did express surprise months ago that the price is where it's at.
  9. While Coil may fail as a business, the company could still help Ripple in another way. Coil's usage of XRP might help Ripple in regards to its stance of XRP not being a security. Maybe that is one of its purposes to begin with? I wouldn't be surprised if such ideas have come up in "hush, hush" board meetings at Ripple HQ. ;-)
  10. They are not pursuing anything with these large investments. Coil is doing all the work in this case.
  11. My thoughts too. He's laying all of his credibility on the line with this one. We will have to see....
  12. David Schwartz threw cold water on the possibility of SWIFT acquiring Ripple. So I don't know whether to believe the rumor.
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