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  1. Now if we take all of these partners and add in their ecosystems.... global!! Sorry if this isnt on topic, but... wow!!😲
  2. I am extremely excited to begin learning about this. More excited about this course, then getting my bachelor's degree from university.
  3. Hey guys, Was wondering if i can gain some help from the community. I just started writing articles and was wondering if the xrp community would help give it some traction. Thanks in advance, i hope its not too much trouble to ask if you can give it a read or a like... maybe even a comment. Cheers. “Crypto is not a get rich quick scheme.” by Maddog28 https://link.medium.com/kPVFB8K8fW
  4. Im sure everyone has seen this, but if not Ripple has broken into the oil sector. Its pretty amazing watching this all unfold.
  5. Im down with #2 as well... Sounds to me like a discord group would work. (where there is a live chat channel and a typing chat channel.) Thoughts?
  6. Glad to hear, you have been spending time with family. I just returned from family dinner. This kinda feels like, when I was back in university and first day of classes. Im looking forward to graduating from "Way University" lol. Cheers.
  7. Hey all. My name is Ben. I go by Maddog28 on twitter. You can call me either Ben or Maddog. I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I really want to be able to share and answer the questions that i get on a daily basis. Mostly, i want to learn about how everything works, so i can address all of the misconceptions that come up on a daily basis. Really interested in learning as much as i can about ripple and the XRP Ledger and all the problems it can solve. I am a recording Engineer as as well as a bunch or other things. Ive helped a few youtube content creators improve on their setups, with reguards to audio quality. I think people in the crypto space are so afraid of what others think, that they are terrified to talk about what the potential of XRP really is, for fear of mob mentality, ripping them a new a** Im hoping to learn the full potential of the Ripple products and how they integrate into the XRP ledger. Does any of this make sense? Cheers all.
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