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  1. To put it another way, you have to know this. Gatehub is part of Ripple's community. The people in this thread are not. Gatehub didn't lose Gatehub money so it is a success for Ripple. Ripple will invest more money in its community, Gatehub. The end users in this thread and on social media are not Ripple community. I don't why people don't see this. Did anybody notice that Ripple sold you out to FinCEN before closing RippleTrade? Before anybody knew that RippleTrade was going to be closing, it demanded KYC documents. Once FinCEN had them all, RippleTrade announce closure.
  2. My friend, this never needed to be forgotten because it was never an issue. This thread exists in a vacuum. Nobody outside knows or cares. Investors are patting Gatehub on the back for many years of good work for job well done. Possibly giving more money to further the successes. Not many asked to hear the other side. This is where a one sided loyalty to Ripple leads. I react as you do. I have opinions.
  3. There isn't going to be one. They have moved on. It's over. Only the people in this isolated thread that nobody else in the world knows exists, are waiting on "something."
  4. If your car keys are stolen from a coatcheck, do you think they are responsible for replacing your stolen car? Nope. They aren't. And because Gatehub didn't hold user funds in custody they will not be liable here. BitTrue jumped to remedy the situation because the law wasn't on their side. The same is not true for Gatehub. Nobody from Gatehub or Ripple cares AT ALL about anybody in this thread who has been stolen from. Ya'll have been patiently waiting like something is going to happen. Nothing has happened because nothing is going to happen. Nobody is coming to rescue you. Nobody is meeting b
  5. Hey tough guy. I checked your slanderous post and noticed you didn't provide any evidence to backup your libel. Do you attack everyone online, or just women?
  6. Not a Stellar fan, but this was a great idea.
  7. There is a slack group where a lot of XRPL devs hangout. I’ll ask someone to post a link to this thread.
  8. Validators get a vote. If you aren’t running a validator, somebody else is running one on your behalf (and also voting for you).
  9. Bitcoin was created by the USA and will be destroyed from their data mining center in Utah *if* they choose to do so. Bitcoin transactions are tracked and monitored. There is no reason to give up a seat behind the curtain.
  10. I’m really excited about all of the new developments Wietse is spearheading. I’ve also noticed that it’s having a ripple efffect (🤣) and drawing in more interest from other developers.
  11. TBH, I don't want to listen to anyone for 3.5 hours. BUT, having said, I did enjoy the large I listened to. Great job
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