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  1. Hey guys, I'm back to share with you some questions I've been asking myself a while ago. After president Nixon fully floated the dollar, one of his advisors - don't remember the name but he was one of the brains behind the move - came on live tv. The hosts were horrified about the development and asked him how o. Earth would they know how many franks in exchange for a dollar, now that they can't buy gold with the francs and sell the gold for dollars. So the questions torturing me are the likes of is there a DA that will take over from gold? Of course, which one? What does that say ab
  2. Oh, as a side note, it's obvious to me that Bob is BG123 and David Schwartz is Satoshi Nakamoto. You can tell from the eyes
  3. Hi dr_ed, thank you for your consideration and please please excuse my belated reply. For some reason I didn't get a notification email. It must be my bad English (i'm not a native speaker and I don't live in an English speaking country), but what I wanted to say is that the analysts seemed to have agreed at the time that the G20 leaders' position was that while "crypto-assets" do not pose a glob´╗┐al financial stability risk, vigilance is warranted and the G20 leaders are encouraged to monitor the potential risks and assess international responses as needed. To be honest, I don't have a st
  4. Hi guys, I've taken the first step towards what I wrote earlier, and I've developed a test for categorizing Digital Assets as potential non-sovereign money when regulation will be in place, or utility tokens. See it here:
  5. Hi everyone, I'm Radu and I'm an XRP holder I see that we keep on using interchangeably words like coins, assets, currency or crypto as it is the same thing. I feel that we need to have a talk about what money is, and that this talk should turn into a chapter of Bob's book because in the end it's all about money. My thoughts here came after a long consideration of this space, and made me turn my attention to XRP and transform it from just another token I held into my main focus. I never really understood what money is and with this whole blockchain thing, I realized that the answer
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