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  1. Thanks everyone! A flood of new people just came in - you're awesome! I had another idea... if you have seen a question asked here on xrpchat, and felt itwas a great question, with a great answer, could you summarise both the question and answer in a post, and/or post the links here on this thread? If you then re-post the question on the Area51 stackexchange site, another one of us can post the answer, and we make this happen! Also, I just posted this to reddit:
  2. Thanks, that all makes a lot of sense. It might therefore be possible to spam all ~100 servers with transactions such as these, and if the rate was constant enough, ter-class transactions could be continually flushed from the network-wide cache(s) for as long as that continued?
  3. Thanks, that's my account. I've been getting a bit active in defending Ripple - there's still so many mis-informed people out there, spreading mis-information, and this particular report just takes the cake.
  4. We only need two more follows to get this happening - and there's only two days left I believe. At the moment all of the Ripple questions are being asked in the bitcoin site - it's really inappropriate, and IMO bad PR.
  5. I'm curious about how your bots work. I thought about automating market-making for a while, but a couple of problems I had was how to make the bots unpredictable enough that people couldn't use their behaviour to trade against, and also what to do to manage the situation of being left "carrying the can" at the wrong end of large price swings. Maybe something could be done to hold some gateway fees in escrow, and then distribute these to the MM's responsible? I mean when it's been well-established (somehow...) that those accounts were indeed MMing. Some metric such as sustained high volume trading roughly equally on both sides of a given market for a period of a month or something, could then qualify for a share of the gateway fees collected on those assets for that month? I guess gateways might not be too enthusiastic about the idea, but it could potentially increase revenue for them, by causing market making to be more attractive to people, and the resultant greater liquidity may encourage adoption of the ecosystem as a whole which would obviously be good also.
  6. Anyone else with a stackexchange account, please follow this? Or if you'd like to help, sign up for an account and follow it. I've also posted a question asking if 255 ripple questions incorrectly appearing the bitcoin stackexchange (presumably they are there out of desparation), could be migrated to it, upvote that if you think so too. And I recognise it's not entirely correct to post a meta-type question there but I have no idea where else to post it, if anyone has any suggestions? I guess at least there it may get some eyeballs from whomever decides which Area 51's make it to the bigtime.
  7. What would you recommend for the first step to ensure a maximally secure key? For example, how would your rate the ripple-keypairs node library?
  8. Gatehub is a Ripple gateway, this means that when you trade on their platform you are seeing bids & asks from the Ripple network itself. As such, it is possible to trade any asset on the Ripple network using the Gatehub interface. It is built on, and has the same principles as the original Ripple Trade wallet/account, but with more features. Bitstamp is a proprietary exchange, that deals in BTC, EUR, USD, and - as of next week - XRP. It also has a built-in Ripple bridge for its BTC and USD IOU's, this means you can send and receive BTC.bitstamp and USD.bitstamp Ripple IOU's (assets on the Ripple network, not real BTC or USD) to and from Bitstamp. The bids and asks you see on Bitstamp are not the same as what is on the Ripple network, though I'm not sure yet how this will be affected in a weeks time when they launch XRP trading. As for pro's and con's, it depends what you want to do as to which is better suited to your needs, but in general most find Bitstamp's interface easier to use than Gatehub's. Whereas Gatehub's support is more friendly, accessible and responsive than Bitstamp's. With gatehub you may well be talking with the CEO - at least on this forum. Bitstamp you tend to feel like just another number. Gatehub's interface will improve over time, it's a difficult thing they are trying to do and have to adapt to external changes given what happens with RCL and ILP. Bitstamp can build it how they want - having designed it from the ground up and not having to tailor their solution to a set of external requirements. For you specifically, if you want to just buy XRP, you can only do that at Gatehub right now, but you can do it as of next week at Bitstamp too. I'd simply pay attention to the price in that case - if you are ready and able to transfer USD to either exchange, check which gives you a better rate per XRP, taking into account their respective transaction fees. Finally, make sure you don't keep your XRP on either exchange - exchanges can be hacked. Set up a cold wallet and transfer any XRP you want to hold, into that cold wallet.
  9. Agreed! I just tried to start one but area51 isn't accepting my stackexchange login for some reason. Waiting on their response.
  10. THERE'S NO NEED TO SHOUT. This is the ripple address: rDsbeomae4FXwgQTJp9Rs64Qg9vDiTCdBv This is the destination tag: 22651908 Wherever you're sending the XRP from, you need to make sure you specify the destination tag. In Ripple Trade (and it's variants), click on the "Send" tab, then paste only the ripple address in and click "Show Destination Tag", and paste only the destination tag in there.
  11. I'm sorry too. But at least you've found this community - folks are awesome here! If you hold those XRP long enough you still may make a profit. Another thing you could do, is buy the same amount again, or twice again but at fairer prices (through gatehub, kraken or poloniex - or try asking someone here). That way you'd bring your average cost down to half or a third the difference. That could make your buy-in lower than recent highs at least.
  12. You should report that app to the Apple App Store. The price of XRP is clearly established on Ripple's official charts. Paying 2.5x the price is unfair, you should have paid around EUR 30 for 5000 XRP at the current rates. Whoever made that app doesn't deserve to have it on the App Store. I'd also caution anyone else against downloading or using it, if you can't trust the developer to be fair about price, who knows what else they have going on in that app that they also managed to sneak past Apple?
  13. That's great! Thank you - I will definitely let you know any other suggestions. I love bithomp - I regularly use it for research and exploring accounts. I especially like how it's possible to traverse accounts back to their origins, and the other way too - seeing activations. It's a great way to look at the dataset! In the case of an issuer with many connection - would it be possible to show the first 200 balances, and then the "too many" message? Also adding the amount of balances not shown would be useful, if that's easy to do and doesn't require traversing paginated results (or you're back to the same problem I guess...). I know from experience that paginated results can be a bit of a pain, the Ripple data API can be a bit buggy.
  14. No Problem. That address is the one kraken uses to receive and send XRP into their exchange. You'll note it holds no IOU's - just XRP. If you have an account on Kraken you use for trading, and you want to sell XRP on Kraken, you send your XRP to that address, along with a Destination Tag (specified in your Ripple transaction) that identifies that XRP amount with your kraken account. For sending from Kraken you need only specify a Ripple address which you control. This is distinct from Bitstamp's issuer address for example (rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B), which operates as a full gateway - that address holds many IOU's and you are able to trade those on the Ripple network. Unfortunately, as useful as bithomp is, it doesn't always tell you when it's not telling you something... in this case I think the amount of IOU's for bitstamp maxes out bithomp somehow (or at least it did on my machine), you can try going to and click on "Accounts Explorer" and put the bitstamp address in to see the IOU's issued there if bithomp doesn't work for you.
  15. Kraken isn't a gateway (unfortunately...). They don't issue IOU's on the Ripple network, they just allow you to buy & sell XRP on their own proprietary exchange. I don't believe they are listed under "Payments", but under "All Exchanges"? This figure is an estimate of XRP trading taking place outside of the Ripple network (with a breakdown per exchange).