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  1. **Update** Ripple Charts is back up, but not fully functional. Still cannot send XRP from wallet.
  2. To send XRP out of course it does. To see your balance and such, it is independent. Still very secure.
  3. Tried sending out of my Cold Storage ledger wallet. Said network down. I checked ripple charts and cannot get access. Is anyone experiencing this?
  4. Just a reminder that a successful marketing campaign with hype, does not make a good investment. Anybody with limited technical skills can create a currency. https://themerkle.com/altcoins-dying-make-one-hour/
  5. Entirely speculation, but the long term MACD generally will follow the long term CCI on signals. When people start picking up XRP at value because the long term CCI says oversold, that will push the long term MACD to buy. The MACD will show buy probably when the CCI crosses the 0 threshold. Hope that helps!
  6. Hello all. *** Disclaimer: I am not a professional, nor am I liable for your losses. *** For anyone day or swing trading here is a very short term analysis. I'm sure you all know, a decent size sell off happened over night. There are many factors as to why this happened (Bitcoin correcting, Etherium going up) but the major point is that XRP was overbought. You can see this by the commodity channel index. In my graph below I have a short term CCI and MACD, followed by a long term MACD and CCI. Both the short term CCI and the long term CCI show that XRP is oversold at the moment, meaning now would probably be a good time to buy for both day traders and swing traders. The MACD short term is also closing in on a buy signal, however long term the MACD is still in it's sell cycle which will probably change to a buy soon. Advise: If you wish to day or swing trade I recommend only doing so with a max of 5% of your total XRP reserve. Day and swing trading is a good way to make a little extra, but is dangerous and speculative. XRP is still a long term investment. Protect your capital, and trade wisely.
  7. So that money is just forever gone? I made 3 desktop wallets to maximize security, but got my Ledger Nano S and have no need for them. Seems like that can't be true.
  8. Does anyone know how to get the last 20 XRP out of a Rippex desktop wallet and then delete it?
  9. I also believe long term it will go up, it's a pretty healthy market. Just taking advantage of inorganic growth.
  10. Let it be known, I was right. Completely dumped back down to the original base line. Lucky for me, I made a 2300 XRP.
  11. It would be nice if the trollbox on poloniex would stay disabled. It's unlikely though, that it would have such an effect instantly. It's got the signs of a small pump and dump to me.
  12. Maybe it's time to put the wife in charge of the finances, since she's obviously got the big boy pants on.
  13. Hey guys, I know there is still a lot of mass confusion about what XRP actually is and does. For those of you still scratching your head, and for you non-readers out there, here are two really great videos that successfully relay what XRP is and why it is valuable.
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