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  1. Hello, Suppose I want to send money to a friend and I know that he is connected to a certain gateway through a trust line and that I am myself connected to another gateway via a trust line. I was wondering if there would be any benefits from creating a trust line between me and my friend's gateway to send him money? I could only think about the fee of each hop on the path that would become just one hop. Do you have any other ideas? (Considering both cases where we are using different money, and that his gateway offers both of course) Thank you!
  2. Thank you for your answer! How does one first creates his account since we need to send 20XRP to an address that hasn't been "claimed" already? Suppose I want to buy 100$ of XRP. I would sign up to a Gateway and pay them 100$. Then what would happen in term of transactions and trust lines? How could the gateway create a trust line (worth 100$ ?) between my account and his if I don't have an account yet?
  3. Hi, I have some questions regarding gateways and rippled. My first, is what does a gateway represents in term of nodes in the rippled network? does it run upon it own stock-server node? or as validator? Or could it be neither and rely on third-party nodes? Then how does a gateway sends transactions to the network? And finally how are wallets managed by gateways. Does each client have a wallet that was created by the gateway (by sending the minimum 20XRP)? Or does the gateway have global wallets and "fakes" user wallet that does not really exists in the network? Does the gateway manage the keys? Is it possible to relate a wallet that was created by a gateway to that gateway? Thank you
  4. Hi, I was wondering how do transactions get propagated to the network? I read about the peer protocol but I couldn't find details... How would a user send a transaction to the network? by connecting to a node (validator or stock-server)? and then to whom will the node propagate the information (and how far will it propagate). Thank you for your help.
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