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  1. I think you are misinterpreting what I'm saying. I'm fine with either outcome if it should continue to rise or not. I know that it is an inevitability that it will rise, possibly even spike. When that is I don't know or care. I'm looking at this from both perspectives: I'm fine if it keeps rising, because duh I have a large enough stash, but if it stays low then I can continue to stock up. Either way I'm fine with what happens, it's just that the other option yields less value overall.
  2. Been in it to win it for a solid month so far. So, here's to another 7 of those.
  3. Word on that. Right now I'm pooling up some money and waiting patiently for the price of it to potentially go back down to .31 so I can get an extra 10k XRP in my pocket. Right now doesn't seem reasonable at all. A difference of 5 cents really does feel bad man. I'm actually really hoping it goes back down so I can make my move, but who knows, the hype at the moment could keep it going.
  4. Call me crazy but I actually kind of wanted XRP's value to go back down to .31 or even lower so I could buy some more, haha. If it was gonna crash at least crash all the way so I could get more for my dollar. You know what I'm saying? But, either way, if it rose or fell I'm okay with either outcome. It's just that the other outcome I'll be getting a bit less, but eh, it's no big deal.
  5. I wonder at which point it will be when the news will actually get off its ass and be like "Oh. This is a thing. Again? Wait what? We should probably do the news reporting thing."
  6. We should probably take this to a different thread, but for the sake of posterity I will answer it here. To be honest, given that you had those rigs for free I think it would be good to run them with CPU for mining coins like Aeon. But, for the most part, I wouldn't rely on server tech to do the job, since their motherboards aren't very well suited for this sort of stuff. But, hey, if it's free electricity, go for just having it mine at all times and find a coin you like.
  7. Honestly, I am very conservative with my mining. I only use what I have and I just rely on the free electricity and the market prices going up to take care of me. Even though I get ~100+ or so per week, with the way RVN is going up, I really don't care how much I get, so long as it's a consistent stream of it. Having some is better than NOT having any. Who knows that one RVN could be worth $19,000+ (sarcasm). I mainly just used my PC for gaming, but re-purposed it for mining, since I feel the time is right for it. That and I already played enough of what was released lately to where I feel justified in mining, as a trade off for gaming for nothing.
  8. No, I get like 25 - 40 RVN per day, I probably should've clarified on that. But, given the way RVN is growing, it could end up being that way, haha. However, if you are using Radeon VII's you should probably mine a coin that is more AMD friendly than RVN. Ravencoin is more suited for Nvidia cards. Though, with a card as powerful as the Radeon VII, I have ended up solving the block reward once or twice, netting me around ~200+ RVN or so. That card is the most powerful card for mining, currently, and if RVN was more AMD friendly, there could be some people with 480's coming out and mining the hell out of it.
  9. Well, given that the 390X is a fairly old card, about 4ish years old and the Radeon VII is fairly recent, I get about ~30+ mh/s, which equates to about 25 - 40 per day, which isn't bad, given that my electricity is free and my dorm's AC keeps the cards relatively nice and cool. It's not an exciting nor over-the-top build, but I did get what I paid for. Which... was actually just for gaming, and then I got bored and just left my computer on to mine RVN and AEON. Which, for Aeon I only get like... 1 a day, but that's CPU mining for ya. And CPU mining on a Threadripper 1950x, which for Monero mining is suspiciously good at. Like 1000 - 1500 h/s good. Doesn't sound like a lot, but tied to GPU mining for Monero can actually add up.
  10. Well, I am all in on XRP, but I have a mining rig set up so I can mine Ravencoin, which I can do for free, since college campuses don't charge for electricity It's not a terribly amazing rig, since it only has 390x and a Radeon VII in it. But, it gives me enough to where I am getting a decent amount of RVN per day. That and I do CPU mining for Aeon or some other, super easy CPU mineable coins out there.
  11. From what people are telling me is that once the prices of XRP becomes low enough, then people will start to go ham and buy as much as they can.
  12. I've been trying to get into RVN, since I knew it would be a marginally good investment, but I am not all too knowledgeable on its performance as of late or its history.
  13. Have they, or you, ever gotten it back? I take it this whole thing is matter of mental resilience and extreme patience. Then again, this is my first time ever investing in anything.
  14. Much thanks! I guess what also doesn't help is that I am a super anxious person and I am medicated for it, so I tend to be a little more on-edge whenever I see huge spikes downwards, haha. I always try to think that this is a good opportunity to buy more, since the price is significantly lower. Thankfully I don't have any bills to worry about at the moment, aside from a monthly car payment, which isn't really that awful. I've been trying to break the habit of regular, daily, price fluctuations, because at one point I did get a bit obsessed over it. Though, at the moment, a lot of my eggs are in XRP, I did start putting some into Stellar and Cardano, while at the moment been contemplating Ravencoin, but I am not 100% on the up-and-up on whether or not I should go with that one.
  15. I am by no means a strategist when it comes to hodling my XRP or other forms of crypto, but generally whenever I hear of a coin that is tanking, people often times will bail out at some point. Do you guys normally just hodl them and hope for them to rise back up, or do you bail after a certain point? Because admittedly this XRP news as of late hasn't been the most morale inducing, and it hasn't really caused the value of XRP to go up. Correct me if I'm wrong on that last one. Then again, I am very much a "n00bie" when it comes to this sort of stuff. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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